Ramblin Man 3D: Comic Book Edition


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Savage Avengers - ye gods! Is there any character they won’t try to lamely shoehorn Miles Morales into. Maybe next they can try Aunt May? Anyway, three issues in and this new series seems kind of lame. And considering I think Marvel’s rights to Conan lapse after December, that means only five more issues or so. Probably not worth continuing.

Marauders - an ancient mutant civilization that predates humanity, had gleaming, futuristic cities, and could kick the crap out of the Shi’ar…..but was afraid of outer space?!? Lame. Think I might be done with this series as well. Unless they kill off everyone but Casandra Nova and just let her have the book. I kind of like her.

New Mutants - well, at least it seems this story arc will be over next issue. I think my collecting this series will be as well. It’s just…meh.

Punisher - another meh series I had high hopes for initially. Frank just doesn’t seem like Frank when he’s mixed up in competing cults. And giving him super powers just seems lame. Probably done with this one as well.

King Conan was, overall, somewhat over the top, but a somewhat satisfying end to Marvel and Conan (for however long it lasts).

Wolverine - overall, the Deadpool story was fun, and they wrote DP really well, but this last issue was also just kind of meh. Still, it was only maybe three or four issues, so that’s kind of miraculous. This is probably one of the few X-books I’ll keep going with (for now).

The new Daredevil seems promising. The writer tells a good story, but it’s clear that, as with most modern comic writers, he can’t tell a good, short story. And, suddenly, some dude is an angel? Weird. The stuff with Spidey was really cool, though.

I continue to be impressed by the new Batman Beyond. Especially the way they’re writing a Bruce-less Terry. Still, if this keeps being Batman fighting the evil AI Overlord, it’s going to get really tiring, really quick. In that, it’s reminding me of The Boys.

The thing I like about the new Ghost Rider so far is the “on the road” nature of the adventures, fighting a new evil in each place he visits. And, hey! Circus of Crime! The things I don’t like are the mysterious new villains no one has ever heard of before (which I mentioned last time), and the suddenly appearance of the new, super-duper awesome magic chick no one has also ever heard of before (which I’ve probably also mentioned before, seeing as she’s annoying as hell). Hopefully, future issues will see them jettison the lame new characters and maybe bring back some classics.

Moon Knight - still completely awesome. I think I recall the story where he crashed a helicopter into a building to get at Taskmaster (the real one, not that lame crap from the MCU). I love how Taskmaster is terrified of him. His description of MK is pretty spot on, as well. And we’ve got vampires. I’m loving the hard core return of vamps to the comics universe. Makes me with they’d do more horror stuff. Or at least come out with fresh prints of the old stuff. Anyway, now it looks like we’ve got a couple of new villains. European maybe? Normally, I’d be meh, but they seem to be D-listers (if that) whose only purpose is to get their asses handed to them. I wonder who the other vampire in New York is that Tutor mentioned? And it was cool seeing something about Midnight Man. Maybe a new one?

Scarab Sages

To start, I dropped a few more titles: Marauders and Savage Avengers for poor writing and idiotic stories. New Mutants and Punisher for being boring.

I may have to go back and look at a few recent Avengers issues, because I don’t recall them actually starting to time travel. Still, I liked the Ghost Samurai. Other than that, this most recent arc is weak and stale, much like the overarching Mephisto plot. This might be the next title I drop.

The Alien annual pretty much is the same wash/rinse/repeat Disney has been doing with the Alien franchise. I’m done with this one as well.

Maestro - a boring conclusion, but at least it’s done.

World’s Finest - overall, Waid has written far better stuff. Still, it was a decent story, and the ending was pretty clever. The epilogue was kind of silly and pointless, though.

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood - the first story was okay, but the writers use of the phrase “something something” (presumably to substitute for bad language) was idiotic and way overdone. The second story was adequate. I like the idea of potential Fists being targeted by cults. The third story was embarrassingly stupid. I can’t believe some editor approved that utter crap.

Fables - Willingham continues to showcase his skills as a storyteller (unlike so many modern, so-called writers). I like the idea of setting up stories and quests for the different cubs, even though I never liked Ambrose all that much. And I’m glad to see some attention being paid to the resurrected Cinderella. She was always one of my favorites. The turtle reminded me of some Stephen King stories. I think that idea is from some mythology as well.

Bloody hell man...You aren't even TRYING any more are you? A.X.E Judgment Day #1 was the best written X-men/Avengers/Eternals book out...and you just what slept on it?? Bloody hell...

Fables SUCK!! SUCKS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK.

Scarab Sages

I was never a big Captain Marvel guy, but I picked up the first issue of the new Genis-Vell miniseries because (a) it’s Peter David, (b) it’s a miniseries (that’s not Maestro). First issue was fun. Solid art. I look forward to seeing what they do with this.

I also picked up the first issue of the new Ant-Man miniseries. Ewing is a fairly solid writer. The story was fun, though kind of hokey. I’m not to keen on future Ant-Man’s helmet, the rest of the costume looks cool enough.

Wolverine: Patch - by this point, it’s kind of silly. Fun, though.

Nightmare Country continues to be weirdly cool. Not sure where they’re going with the story, but it looks like we’ve finally got most of the players in one room. I loved the alternative point of view flashback of the dude pretending to be Bogeyman from the Sandman comic. That takes me back.

Strange was cool again. Kind of wish they’d done more with the dinner scene, but if you’re going to interrupt something that funky, a revenant Shadow Knight is a stylish way to do so. I liked Umar’s assumption that Clea had been manipulating everything. And now I think I want to see a fight between Clea and Umar. That could be kick ass. I’d have to go back and check, but I thought the art might have been a bit different. Not bad, just different.

One Dark Knight - finally finished off this three issue series. The art by Jock was really good. The story was adequate. I wouldn’t mind seeing him do so more stuff like this, but maybe with a more consistent schedule.

Now, if only they could finally continue the Swamp Thing Black Label story…..

Honestly the best part of Strange was Clea's explanation why there haven't been new spells made in the past thousand years or so. Basically it's hard enough to do make, making new magic is like containing a Gamma bomb.

I honestly think we'll get more info on Marlo and Death. Especially since Thanos just popped back.

I am honestly hoping we tie more strings to the bigger picture about what the hell White Wolf is doing in Sam's comic. But for now, at least Doom is Doom.

Also un-related, but Reckoning War did at least feel like an FF series, even if all they did was depower the other Watchers, super charge Uatu, rebirth Galactus and expanded the Marvel Universe (spatial). So yeah.

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X-Men Red was a throw away issue for me this month, only purchased for completeness sake. I try not to do cross-overs, seeing them as mostly hack money-grabs. And talk about hacks - oh, hey! Let’s make the Eternals genocidal villains. Plus, as bad ass as the Arakko mutants are supposed to be, let’s have one dude come in and kick all their asses. And let’s have the idiotic, unbeatable character turn against everyone.

Batman Beyond was interesting. No real action this issue, but some cool introspection on Terry’s part. And it looks like next issue is going to be the conclusion to this story arc. Thank the gods. Gestalt is an interesting character(s). I’m hoping they keep up this alliance.

Ghost Rider was…..weird. The opening pages of him turning into GR in different places, then back, was pretty cool. At this point, I’m trying to ignore the new side characters, hoping they’ll go away. And then there’s The Race - that’s where it got weird. Man-Thing? Doom? Blade & Dracula? Rhino?!? Seriously?!? Moon Knight had a cool looking motorcycle, though. Kind of reminded me of the one from Nolan’s Dark Knight movies. Then that weird s$&t comes out of Blaze’s head. And now we have Wolverine and Black Heart. All we’re missing is Punisher.

Moon Knight - cool! Looks like we’re finally getting Jake and (the real) Steven back on a more regular basis. Hopefully, we’ll even get some of the old cast, like Crawley or Gena (or maybe her kids). I found it interesting that while Marc and the others were having their discussion, in the real world MK was still in action (even if he was getting his ass kicked a little). And, huzzah! More Hunter’s Moon. Sometimes I think I’d love it if they changed this series to just be called Fist of Khonshu, then alternated stories of both of them. That could be cool.

*sighs* If you had BOTHERED to read ANY Eternal stuff, you'd realize that as powerful as the Arkkoa mutants are, they don't hold a CANDLE to a cosmically empowered wrathful first edition Eternal. Uranos fought his ENTIRE race and ALMOST WON. WON. The entire race fought him and they only won because Druig switched sides. So yeah. While Isca is a little annoying, she's not wrong in the side switch. Also you neglected to mention what happens with Magneto. So...there's that.

As for hacks, honestly Ewing is no hack. Not even close. If anyone is hack is your guy Willingham. I mean series, Day of Vengeance...

Anyways... The OTHER issue of the Judgment Day tie-in (in the form of Immortal X-men) is great just because we get a deeper dive into Bennet du Paris aka Exodus. Some really great imagery here. You get a real sense of who this guy is and what drives him. Along with him being pretty much Exodus.

Legion of X also while not tying back into Judgment Day, DOES offer us some insight into one of the Great Circle's member...and a surprising divinity that's not who any of us thought he was. (I could say more but I'd prefer someone read this themselves)

The latest issue of Spider-Man 2099 is pretty sweet, since we get a mix of old (Skullfire, Cerebra, Krystalin,) and new (Deadpool's daughter, Warda, two familar names but not the same power sets, Cyclops and Phoenix) and REALLY old (Immortal Rogue...) So there's that.

And if you enjoyed 90s X-men, but want a mix up with current stuff, X-men 92, House of XCII is for you! Especially with this mashup of D&D, the cartoon and some familiar faces in a style of Swords of X. (Without Storm stealing from Wakanda...)

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I’m still not sure where they’re going with this newest Avengers story arc. And I’m not convinced the writer knows either. Still, it’s kind of interesting to see what new heroes they’ll invent in whichever eras they visit. And the art is still pretty decent. It’s dragging though, so if they can’t finish it soon, I might have to drop the title.

On a whim, I picked up a Hellboy and the B. P. R. D. comic - 1957, Falling Sky. It seems to be a new one shot, which is one of the main reasons I got it. The art was decent enough, and the story was simple, but solid. I’ll have to keep my eye open for more like this.

Ghost Rider - Vengeance Forever, was another one-shot. It’s labeled as a 50th anniversary thing. The writing was decent, but could have been better. The art was adequate (although Vengeance the character and Dracula both looked like crap). I liked the idea of the mystic tattoo artist.

On a side note - DC and Marvel each regularly put out preview books (I think monthly), and I always pick up copies to see if there’s anything remotely decent looking coming down the pipe. Marvel has, sadly, been having fewer interesting looking things, but that’s still way more than DC. Their new preview issue today was chock full of crap, and more crap. Sad.

On another side note - I’ve also been perusing the shelves for trade paperbacks and what not a lot. Today I found a Vertigo adaptation of The House on the Borderland, by William Hope Hodgkin. I look forward to reading it.

Some times I think you miss the forest for the trees... If anything Marvel has some VERY good issues.

Like A.X.E Judgment Day #2, wherein we find out just how wrong you are to make a God in your own image. So yeah. Very good stuff.

Also good? Captain America: Sentential of Liberty; Wherein Cap learns a bit more about these Outer Circle guys and Bucky screws the pooch on Peggy.

Plus Captain Carter deals with the vampire family of Falsworth and also takes time to chill out.

Jane Foster finds Thor, but a) doesn't remember her and b) gets shot with arrows. Still unclear who the masked girl is but she's clearly working for someone else.

Finally, Frank decides to run away (after killing the Archpriestess) but finds out that Maria can't survive without Hand magic. So off to try to kill Ares.

(Not commenting on Spider-man right now until we get Volume 4 because honestly it seems better with the End of the Spider-verse going on.)

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World's Finest was a nice little epilogue to the opening arc. Not quite a one-shot, but close enough. Though I think Waid’s making time travel a little too easy, even for Batman and Superman. Batman on a trapeze and smiling was kind of weird to see.

Finally got the ending to Banner of War. Not bad. I kind of liked it when Hulk-Thor ripped off Power-of-Thor Hulk’s arm off. Ouch. And, in the end, it took Odin being a dad to end the fight. Cool.

Daredevil - not sure I like the idea of another mysterious new power manipulating Matt’s entire life. Feels like that story has been done before. Still, the writing was solid, at least for that part. The back up story was kind of silly and poorly written. I would have hoped for better from a legacy issue #650.

I stopped collecting any X-books except X-Men and X-Men Red (we’ll see how long those last), so I didn’t bother with the Hellfire Gala this time around. I kind of like the new team (except for Magik), though I wish they’d changed more of the roster. I like seeing Forge back on a team - he’s way too underused. And Havoc - the Summers brothers back together, even if we didn’t get to see much of him this time. And Firestar! Holy crap! Haven’t see her in forever and a day. Otherwise, the story was meh. Except where Iceman went all kaiju.

Finally, one of my current favorites - Strange. I’m loving Clea in this and hope they continue it for a good while. And she had one of my other favorites as a guest star. Woohoo for the Fist of Khonshu. Might have been cool to have both Fists, though. Saw the reveal of Harvestman coming a mile away, so no surprise there. I really hope they end the “I want to resurrect Stephen” story, and just let her be the Sorcerer Supreme.

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Last issue of the Wolverine: Patch mini series. It was a fun revisit to the old Madripoor setting. I always liked that place. It had a very D&D setting feel to me. Anyway, the story was, overall, mediocre. The art was good, though.

Genis-Vell - continues to be interesting. I’m not too familiar with all these characters. I liked the skrull chick pretending to be Thanos. And it was cool seeing the Badoon again. I’m vaguely familiar with them from back in the day. The art is pretty good. It’s a little silly that someone could control Lady Death, though.

Fables was another good issue, though I think he’s got way too many stories going on for a 12 issue run. Still, if anyone can pull it off, Willingham is one of the few. I liked the individual adventures with some of the wolf cubs. Loved the bit with the tortoise holding the tea cup on his back with a world inside. Ambrose showing a bit more spine than he used to was nice to see, a bit of positive character development.

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X-Men - I think it was a mistake to debut a new team in the middle of another lane cross-over event. It’s only served to make me realize the writing on this book has been kind of repetitive. And, like this issue, occasionally lame. I think it’s partly poor editing across all the X-books, which is why I was down to this one and two others (X-Men Red and Wolverine). After this issued I’ll be down to two. After the next issue of each of those, I might be down to none. It’s a shame. The X-titles had some promise when Hickman did his run. I think it started to go downhill with that X of Swords series. Ah well, maybe in another few years they can get their heads out of the butts.

Although I’m not familiar with a lot of Ant-Man history, I’m still enjoying this miniseries. The art is solid. The story is giving some cool flashbacks, and building towards something bigger.

I picked up the Amazing Fantasy #1000 issue on a whim. I’ll have to agree to disagree with whatever lunatic decided to refer to Spider-Man as “the greatest fictional character of all time”. Yeah….not by half. Clearly, that person was on drugs. Anyway, the first two stories were good. The next three were lame. The Kurt Busiek tie-in to AF #15 was cool. The Hickman story was nothing special (but with cool art). The Gaiman story was kind of Hokies, but a nice tribute to Ditko. The special tribute to Mike Pasciullo was cool.

Nightmare Country - I thought we’d get some answers this issue. We did get a few, but mostly more questions. We did get to see both Morpheus and Daniel, so that’s cool. Not sure what the angel is up to, but I wish writers could be a bit more creative with them. The old “angels are either buttheads or downright evil” shtick is starting to get old. And, of course, Desire is mixed up in this. Doesn’t he/she have anything better to do?

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood - the first story was silly. The second story was a good concept with poor execution, but I did like they brought in another obscure Egyptian deity. This idea, in the hands of a better writer, could make for a much better story in the main series (or a miniseries). The third story had really solid art, but another decent story that could have been better if expanded on a bit.

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I’ve been impressed so far with the Elseworld DC gave us in Dark Knights of Steel. It’s been slightly more creative than I thought DC could be, although I don’t like every aspect of it. And the sporadic schedule is annoying. That said, this Tales of the Three Kingdoms was entertaining, but short on Kingdoms by about two. The stories were adequate. The art was decent. I hope they do more to flesh this world out.

Wolverine - another wasted crossover issue. What’s worse, they brought in possibly the second most annoying and poorly written of the Arakko mutants - Solem. He’s basically a rip off of Cyber, but with a personality that seems to be the love child of Gambit and Arcade. Not quite as annoying as Damien Wayne, but still annoying. One other thing of note - I despise the whole Murumasa blade thing. Probably one of the most idiotic ideas someone ever introduced into Wolverine more. Oh, he’s got unbreakable adamantium bones, except for this magic blade that can cut it, and which conveniently also disrupts healing factors. Whoever came up with that crap should be ashamed of themselves. And how does a major Hell demon chick start causing havoc on earth without getting the Sorcerer Supreme (or some other magic type) involved?

Batman Beyond was, apparently, just a six issue miniseries. The overall story was adequate. The resolution to the conflict was meh. There were some things I liked, however. Terry having to move on without Bruce was cool. I liked the way he kept a journal. And I liked him adding people to his team. The speech he gave to start the attack on Lumos and the AI was cool - kind of reminded me of Bruce’s speech to the rich bad guys in the Year One story. I like the new suit, but didn’t like him revealing his identity to Lumos. I’m glad to see they’ll be starting a new series next year.

Ghost Rider - I’m glad they moved forward with the “What’s in Johnny’s head?” story. Though I kind of wish they’d resolved it completely, and maybe explained what that thing was. Still not crazy about this Council of Night Magicians. I don’t like they’re making it seem like it’s been around for a long time. Retcons like that are weak story telling. Although, I do kind of like Alabaster. I was disappointed they didn’t follow through and kill the Black Alice rip off.

I like Moon Knight returning the alternate personalities to prominence - especially the real Steven Grant, and not that pathetic version from the Disney show. Not sure about this bar Jake is probably going to be frequenting - I think I’d prefer the diner. Still, maybe they’ll get creative and open it up to a whole bunch of seedy dives for him to get information from. I wonder if Nemean’s super power comes from the same procedure as Luke Cage (or maybe a similar one). I like that Hunter’s Moon still has a raging mad-on for vampires, especially old ones. Seriously, I wish they could just rename the series Fist of Khonshu and have both of them all the time.

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I keep seeing a lot of rumors about the future of DC comics, what with all this reorganization and cost cutting going on. I think the most popular one, which we’ve seen before, is the comics being licensed out to a third party (not Marvel this time).

One bit of speculation I saw was the license going to McFarlane - the idea being he already does toys and statues for DC (that’s what the video said, anyway).

Whichever way they go, I’d just be happy to see them give us better writing (and maybe kick that jackass Tom King to the curb, along with whoever thought it was a good idea to let him anywhere near good characters).

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X-Men Red - I was kind of liking this series, until it got pulled into this damnable crossover. Magneto got his heart ripped out? No problem! Storm unleashes a crap ton of lightning at the man with no heart? Cool, that just makes him even more powerful. And suddenly there’s another convenient secret group of mutants that have always been a part Arakko’s culture. Yeah, sad to say, but I think I’m finally done with the last two X-books I could still bring myself to pay money for.

I’m not sure about this new Daredevil run. Trying to build an entire series around a single story arc just doesn’t seem to be the brightest of ideas. Not to mention it looks like they’re keeping the Stromwyn’s around - probably some of the lamest villains Marvel has inflicted on the readers in a good while. They’re basically just uber-rich, yankee a-holes. And then there’s this new Hand chick who looks like a little girl but can kick everyone’s ass and has weird stealth mode. I might give this one or two more issues, but it doesn’t look promising.

You know if you can't understand WHY there's a crossover run...MAYBE YOU SHOULD STOP READING COMICS.

Seriously...A.X.E. Judgment day is great, the crossover is great and you have SERIOUSLY no taste.

Also the next Hand Chick is someone you didn't read about in a crossover you probably thought wasn't worth your time. So...yeah. Why don't you just stick to Image or Boom! At least then you don't waste people's time...

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I was making up my list for next week, and got to thinking about Jonathan Hickman. I think I’m going to have to put him in the same category as Grant Morrison, which (for lack of a better term) I dub my “Love/Hate” category. Not that I actually hate either Hickman or Morrison.

With Morrison, I think he’s done some great stuff (Animal Man, Doom Patrol, his Justice League Run, the Arkham Asylum graphic novel, the “Gothic” story in Legends of the Dark Knight, to name a few). Then he’s also done some horrific stuff (Final Crisis, the abomination that is Damien Wayne). So….love/hate.

It’s different with Hickman. He’s also done some great writing. I didn’t collect his Avengers stuff, but heard it was really decent. And I thought his run on the X-books was really creative. Then he has a tendency to move on to other projects, and leave what he’s built up in the hands of other writers (for better or worse). True, that’s the way of the industry, but considering the talent (or lack thereof) he’s passing things off to, I still have to put him in the category. Although it’s a bit more unfair in his case, since he has no control over the lack of other people talent that might follow him. Still, life ain’t fair.

Anyway, it’s a thought I had this morning.

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Another thought from this morning - It’s cool that DC is scheduled to put out Sgt. Rock vs Army of the Dead, written by Bruce Campbell from what I’ve seen.

I’ll probably pick that up.

Honestly I enjoyed Final Crisis and Batman with Morrison moreso than Animal Man. Hickman's Avengers is seminal. It's as integral part of the Marvel Comics lore as the Kang Dynasty or God Loves, Man Kills.

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Avengers was a welcome break from the traveling-through-time-fighting-Mephisto story, even if it was part of a crossover. I was never the biggest fan of Hawkeye (until Jeremy Renner played him so well, something I guess I’ll miss), but this was actually a fairly well-written filler issue. The art was a little off, but still decent.

World’s Finest started a new story. It seemed to pull inspiration from Alexander Luthor from Crisis on Infinite Earths, combined with an old story from Justice League (Atom centric, if I recall, with the League going to a microscopic doomed world), and a bit of the Supergirl story from the (I think first) Batman/Superman comic. I liked the visit to Kandor. The art still kicks ass, but I think there was a misprint of the artist’s name, either on the cover or the title page.

BRZRKR’s story is getting a little convoluted, but it’s still kind of fun to read. I think I need to go back and reread the older issues. Garney’s art still kicks ass.

Strange is still an awesome series. I’m hoping they can keep it going for awhile. I liked this Wong-centric issue, though it seems they retconned his father’s name. As I recall, it was originally Hamir. Wong got to kick some ass, which is cool. And he got to meet with some hot red-heads, which is also cool. I’d never heard of W. A. N. D. before, since it first appeared back when I thought Marvel sucked more and wasn’t collecting much of their stuff. Still, I kind of like the idea. I’m not sure if this was the usual artist, but the art still rocked.

Fables continues to be a fun (if brief) revisit to one of my favorite comic series of all time. I always liked Cinderella from this series, and it’s cool to see her making her own moves. Pan and Tink seem obsessed with worlds without magic, which I think is intrigued given their character backgrounds in stories. I always liked Willingham pulling characters out of various folklore stories, so it was cool to see Herne the Hunter. There were a lot of other boxes in that area, so it could be cool to see who or what else is trapped in them.

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I also picked up Volume 4 of Moon Knight's Epic Collection. This one has a mix of stuff I don’t own (most of the book), and stuff I do. The later is issues 1-7 of Marc Spector: Moon Knight (from the back half of ‘89), which was the first Moon Knight series I collected, along with a Marvel Super Heroes special from around when I graduated high school.

Since this one ended with stuff I own, it’ll probably be the last Moon Knight EC I buy (assuming they issue another volume.

My problem with Hickman and the X-Men is not even that he left it and other writers had to deal with it, but that since it spread over a dozen or so books, they had to deal with it from the start. It's a radical re-envisioning of the entire X-Men concept that makes a really cool story, but it also messes with everything in ways that are very difficult to sustain. Or for writers who aren't really into the whole concept, but just want to write X-related superhero stories.

Very different from his earlier Avengers/Incursion work, which was basically self-contained other than a crossover or two - and the reboot in the big finale. Even that didn't affect most titles nearly as drastically as the X-Men thing did. After Secret Wars, most writers could go back to writing the stories that wanted. No more disruptive than most crossovers.

Some of these stories would work better as alternate universe series than as regular canon ones.

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thejeff wrote:
…..but that since it spread over a dozen or so books, they had to deal with it from the start.

This, I think, is possibly one of the big problems. Hickman did his thing, and they immediately started putting out (and continue to put out) a multitude of X-titles. Lots of cooks in the kitchen (some of whom are lacking in talent, in my humble opinion) and it ends up messy. Then you get brand fatigue.

It’s the kind of thing seen before. Too many Bat titles (although several continue to be top sellers for DC). Too many Spidey titles. Not much to be done, however. Other than cut back on collecting. Which is good, in a way. Saves me money and space.

Aberzombie wrote:
thejeff wrote:
…..but that since it spread over a dozen or so books, they had to deal with it from the start.

This, I think, is possibly one of the big problems. Hickman did his thing, and they immediately started putting out (and continue to put out) a multitude of X-titles. Lots of cooks in the kitchen (some of whom are lacking in talent, in my humble opinion) and it ends up messy. Then you get brand fatigue.

It’s the kind of thing seen before. Too many Bat titles (although several continue to be top sellers for DC). Too many Spidey titles. Not much to be done, however. Other than cut back on collecting. Which is good, in a way. Saves me money and space.

It was that way from the start - even while Hickman was writing the main stories. I don't even think it was really more X-titles than there have been before. Maybe it was. I don't really keep track if I'm not reading them.

I'm not convinced that's a problem on its own. There's variety in the titles and you don't need to follow them all, so as long as the individual titles have enough support.

Honesty, Jeff, I'm very happy with how things have culminated in the Krakoa era. We have way more complex and intricate story telling/characters than previously before. We have major shake ups that I feel highlight the actual GROWTH of mutant kind. And we have some very new political dynamics that are reshaping not just 616 but the very fabric of the multiverse and the future too.

So for me, while I MIGHT miss having the X-men prove they are heroes...so far this era has been a jolt to the sense and asks the question "Why CAN'T mutants just be like humans?" (Also Exodus's new ideology about mutant saviors might be weird but it has a nice ring to his own belief system and history.)

One further addition, the W.A.N.D. thing was from the Thunderbolts Volume 2 #1 annual of 2013. They were introduced to help fight against "true fae" who were basically the Great Old Ones with better branding...kind of. Just thought I'd mention it...

One further note (for Jeff at least) Between the fact Ares beats up a magic empowered Punisher and now pulls of a Coup on Asgard in Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor series...I honestly think its time Ares got more respect given his abilities.

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thejeff wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
thejeff wrote:
…..but that since it spread over a dozen or so books, they had to deal with it from the start.

This, I think, is possibly one of the big problems. Hickman did his thing, and they immediately started putting out (and continue to put out) a multitude of X-titles. Lots of cooks in the kitchen (some of whom are lacking in talent, in my humble opinion) and it ends up messy. Then you get brand fatigue.

It’s the kind of thing seen before. Too many Bat titles (although several continue to be top sellers for DC). Too many Spidey titles. Not much to be done, however. Other than cut back on collecting. Which is good, in a way. Saves me money and space.

It was that way from the start - even while Hickman was writing the main stories. I don't even think it was really more X-titles than there have been before. Maybe it was. I don't really keep track if I'm not reading them.

I'm not convinced that's a problem on its own. There's variety in the titles and you don't need to follow them all, so as long as the individual titles have enough support.

True. Once the main two miniseries were done, they added more. But, yeah, I’m not sure if that’s they most they’ve ever done either. There’s a big gap in my X-book collecting. I think when I stopped back in the 90s they had like 5 or 6 titles. I also don’t keep track of something much when I’m not collecting it.

And it’s probably a very “it depends” problem. I think where the real problem comes in when they do these big crossovers. I used to feel compelled to collect things I didn’t normally get, just for completeness sake. It’s one of the reasons I try to ignore crossovers as much as possible.

And in the process you miss out on some great moments in comics history because you feel like crossovers are stupid.

Which not all of them are...

Thomas Seitz wrote:

And in the process you miss out on some great moments in comics history because you feel like crossovers are stupid.

Which not all of them are...

Crossovers aren't all stupid, but the ones that work best tend to be more focused, rather than spread out over the whole line.

Or at least to have enough of the main story driven by a couple of titles and thus a couple of writers. If the main arc requires coordination between too many writers it tends to fall apart - inconsistent writing quality or even just style. Loosely linked tie-in stories are fine, as long as they can be followed if you're not reading the main story or ignored if you're not reading that title.

My tendency with crossovers is to keep buying the titles I'm buying, buy the main crossover series if it's strongly linked to them (and preferably written by one of the writers) and ignore most of the more tangentially linked titles.
It took awhile, but I accepted long ago that there's way too much out there in the comics world and it varies far too much in appeal to me, for me to be a completist.

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