Dear Paizo: YOU MAKE ME SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!

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So I bought the adventurer's guide the other day, and I liked the book a lot until I got to the Sanguine Angel. The class requires Improved Shield Bash and Iron Will (trash feats), plus weapon focus longsword and a gender requirement, so I wasn't particularly interested right off the bat.

Then I saw what it could pick up at level 2: Furious Huntress, which gives STRENGTH TO ATTACK ROLLS WITH BOWS.

This is the first instance of this ability which literally makes a bunch of brand new archery builds all by itself, AND YOU PUT IT ON A PRC WITH LITERALLY NO TIES TO ARCHERY AT ALL WITH A BUNCH OF UNRELATED FEAT REQUIREMENTS AND STUPID FLAVOR REQUIREMENTS!!!!!


You could have put this on an archery based barbarian prc or archetype and made my day, but instead you staple it onto a completely unusable PrC that has nothing to do with archery. WHY?!?!

I'm so sick of having to cherry pick abilities from behind pointless gating or places that make no sense to come from just to do something new and interesting. I'm tired of stupid inconsistent and illogical rules FAQs that change how rules should intuitively work to cut off what you percieve to be overpowered (Changing Dex to Dmg so you can only get 1.5x with 2handed on an Unchained rogue, but no 2x dex from other sources, this is a stupid ruling).

Why do you keep doing these things? Why do I need to jump through so many damn hoops just to get a basic uninteresting but otherwise ESSENTIAL STATS BUFF? If you're worried about power level, it's way too late, because the scaling in pathfinder is already way too out of control. It's far too easy to deal hundreds of damage in a round past level 9 or so.

I'm really tired of these stupid senseless choices, the unintuitive nature of classes and rulings that are only made to clearly cut off specific build paths.

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