PbP Gameday VI: SFS Recruitment (1-00: Claim to Salvation)


Full listing of sessions for PbP Gameday VI.

Anticipated start day is August 25th, 2017.

Please sign up here:
GM Blake's SFS

Slots for the special are going quickly (the only thing I couldn't get at GenCon 50 with a 254 spot in queue).

Sovereign Court

It only gives me the option to view your spreadsheet GM Blake!

That might be a side effect of shamelessly stealing the format.

Re-pasted the URL, though it looked the same.

Will test it myself in a moment.

EDIT: It is definitely not working.

EDIT2: It is now working. I put you in first, Gummy Bear (alter as needed).

Sovereign Court

Thanks :D

Woot! Excited. Really wanted to do the pregen special as I'll probably end up running it locally.

Liberty's Edge

Super excited. Can't wait until August!

put myself down as an alternate.

I know nothing about starfinder yet.

Please note the following:

Due to popular demand, I have opened a second table of Claim to Salvation to run in parallel. I have learned that if there is an open seat at a table, even if no event is assigned, someone will fill it.

Edward Sobel

You have been moved to active spots on Table B.


This pushed you to the alternate 1 spot on Table B.

If either qwerty1971 or Edward Sobel have an active seat for Claim to Salvation at someone else's table, please let me know so that Cwethan can move back into active on Table B.

If anyone who signed up for Table B while it was TBD and does not want to or cannot play Claim to Salvation, please let me know so Cwethan can move back into active on Table B.

Thank you.

no active seats for me. this is the only thing I tried for.

As I have not really followed starfinder development. I may just play a pre-gen until i figure out a character to play.

1-00 Claim to Salvation requires use of a Pregen anyhow, so you're good.

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