Path of War Maneuvers - Fading Strike (in grapple?)

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I had one of my players who were grappled by a Xill use the maneuver Fading Strike to attack another monster, so teleporting out of the grapple.

I know there is a restriction when you are grappled or pinned but in the case of a teleportation, i wasn't sure so i did allow it, saying i would check it later.

I was looking at the rules :

''Concentration is not required to initiate a stance or maneuver, as with spells or psionic powers. Even if you are injured or affected by hostile maneuvers, powers, or spells while assuming a stance or initiating a maneuver, you do not lose it.

However, enemy interference still could make certain maneuvers impossible to complete. For example, if an enemy readies an action and disarms you when you start your turn, you are no longer able to use a maneuver that requires you to be wielding that weapon. Also, if are pinned or grappled, most of your maneuvers simply will not work until you are able to move freely.''

Here is the lvl 2 maneuver my player is using : aneuvers/#TOC-Fading-Strike

''The disciple learns the basic technique at this level for walking between worlds to reach locations that previously could be inaccessible on the mortal world and potentially attack foes at those locales. As a standard action, the initiator may either teleport to a location no farther away than his maximum movement speed, and make an attack action against an opponent as part of the same standard action, or attack an adjacent target and then teleport to a location no farther away than his maximum movement speed. The teleportation destination must be clearly seen by the disciple to teleport to that location, and it must be unoccupied''

So that maneuver is using a standard action and he can then attack a target at the range of his movement (teleporting to him).

The rules say ''most'' maneuvers cannot be using in a grapple or pinned...

What would you do ?


Pretty sure this should be in the 3pp section.

Hi Mathieu Provencher

Since the maneouver says that you can (1) teleport and attack or (2) attack then teleport, I would say that he would be able to use the maneouver if he was able to make an attack (against the creature grappling him, or another adjacent one).

Most maneouvers requires and attack, so, you can't use that maneouver if you can't do this attack.

If "most" maneuvers cannot be used in a grapple, then the maneuver itself should indicate that it can (as it varies from from the general rule of thumb), rather than guess at it.

For Fading Strike, it doesn't say you can use while grappled or pinned, so no dice there.

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