RIP: Adam West, TV’s ‘Batman,’ Dies at 88


Adam West, TV’s ‘Batman,’ Dies at 88

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Damn. :(


Never another bat-time. Never again a bat-channel.

RIP, Mr. West.

I remember watching those old Batman shows with my grandfather.

Feels like the onion ninjas are closing in.

I watched it as a kid. The (vinyl) LP soundtrack was the first album I bought. Farewell to the Batman and the Mayor of Quahog. RIP.

Scarab Sages

I was gonna say, Quahog's gonna need a new mayor.

At least we haven't had as many good celebrity deaths as we did by this point last year.

Still, Reaper's continuing to make some poor choices about who to take from us.

A nice, long life. Beloved by many.

May he rest peacefully.

I'm too young to have seen "Batman" when it originally aired, but (much like "Star Trek") I grew up addicted to it in syndication in the '70s.

Fittingly, "The LEGO Batman Movie" paid homage to West's portrayal alongside all the darker versions since his. And the movie's writers seem to have a strong opinion about which Batman had the greatest (ahem) impact.

He'll find some of his villains waiting for him when he gets where he's going. May he still have the KAPOW and WHAM to deal with Joker and Penguin forever. He'll be missed.

:( I think I'll remember him most as Adam Wee mayor of Quahog.

I did watch the old batman but I was so little then. I remember the movie better (yes the one with shark repellent.) but still a vague memory.

88 however is pretty impressive I hope I hang in there that long.

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