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Hello, everyone. As one of the many who had been a part of Radiance House's Kickstarter for their book, the Grimoire of Lost Souls, I was privy to the material via pdf format for so that we could give our thoughts and suggestions. I've played a Pact Maker in a campaign (and still am currently, when we get to play at least) and have found the need to sort of filter spirits in a specific manner, to feel more effective.

As you likely read in the title, that filter is deciding whether the spirit is Generally Useful or Situationally Useful. I was bored and had some time on my hands, so I made a guide to the spirits using this concept and figured I'd share it here with any who care, now that the book has officially been released to the public.

You can find the guide HERE.

I will note, I don't consider myself a pro player by any means, and obviously, I didn't get to try a lot of the spirits in a campaign/session setting. That said, it's worked pretty well for me in the games I've played and I hope it helps whoever bothers to read it.

I'd love to read some opinions on the spirits, and I'm sure there'll be some disagreement on what I placed abilities at.

Anyways. Have fun!

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That is a big document, Third Mind. It must have taken you a while to complete it. Well done!

Yeah, going through all of the spirits is quite a bit of work... I should know, I'm about a third through creating an explanation of each spirit's style. XD

(For those who aren't familiar with the system, aside from the usefulness of each spirit, each of them tends to have some kind of theme that affects the way they're played. For example, Xalen d'Marek is a knowledge-based spirit. On a normal adventuring day, he's probably not doing much you couldn't already do... but if you have some downtime, he can help binders power through knowledge tasks and unlock other spirits faster, giving you more options for each adventuring day. Much like spellcasters and picking spells, knowing what kind of playstyle a spirit is good at helps determine how useful they'll be.)

It did take a while haha. But it was just as much for my benefit as everyone else's. In the early sessions when I just started playing the class, I had personally felt it easy to bind a spirit that ended up only being used for one instance of that session. So, I decided to study up and develope a system that has thus far worked for me. Hopefully it can be helpful to others too. :)

Also, GM Rednal, I'd love to see your style explanation whenever you finish it. The more perspective on a subject the better.

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