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So, the Sanguine Angel's Hsrdened Heart says to add double their class level tothe DC to intimidate them.

This sounds like you end up adding your Sanguine Angel level to the DC three times total. They base DC for a 15th level character with 10 wisdom would be DC 25. For a 10th level Sanguine Angel with five ranks in whatever, it seems like it would be 45, which would be a dramatic jump. I dont personally think this is broken, but it seems like a spikeon the power curve that Paizo would usually avoid in favor of something like "count hit die twice when determining Demoralize DC"

Have I grabbed the wrong end of the stick here?

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I am, admittedly, not sure what a 'sanguine angel' is. I can't tell if it's third-party or something in a recent book, or if it's a prestige class or an archetype. Google is being rather unhelpful at the moment.

Typically, yes, if it has that ability, the DC of avoiding Intimidates would be significantly high. Which isn't that powerful when the odds of being intimidated are still rather low, and being virtually immune to only one kind of fear (and only being shaken) would seem to not even register as power creep whatsoever.

I can count on one hand the number of times "Unshakable" has come in handy on my Vigilante characters, and this is typically represented with a balled fist. This kind of skill is infinitely more useful for NPCs than it is for PCs.

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You've read the ability correctly. ^_^

And yes, they're hard to intimidate. They've been through everything Queen Ileosa, Cheliax, and Hell itself could throw at them. It's going to take more than tough talk or loud shouting to get them to even notice.

They also end up being completely immune to fear effects at later levels. So... yup :D

Sounds interesting. Which book is it from?

Silver Crusade

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The recently released Adventurer's Guide.

I love this PrC. So much. Unsure if I should build it as a TWF Sword and board or a straight unhindering shield two-hander though :\

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Thanks for the clarification, and yeah, its a really nice PRC!

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