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Hey guys, long story short, I'm trying to make a villain for a campaign I'm running, and modeling him after Zed (League of Legends) and the Shredder. To that end, I found the Shadow Savant vigilante archetype from Legendary Games. This is what I've done so far:

Social/Vigilante Talents:

Lv 1) Social Grace: Disguise->Bluff->Sense Motive
Lv 2) Lethal Grace
Lv 3) Unfettered Shadow
Lv 4) Shade Jumper
Lv 5) Shadow Spy
Lv 6) Panache Pool
Lv 7) Blind Control
Lv 8) Panache Talent: Precise Strike
Lv 9) Shadow Swap
Lv 10) Critical Virtuoso
Lv 11) Enduring Shadows
Lv 12) Critical Violence: Wakizashi
Lv 13) Swift Swap


Half-Elf: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Wakizashi
Lv 1) Weapon Focus
Lv 3) Skill Focus: Stealth
Lv 5) Dimensional Agility
Lv 7) Dimensional Assault
Lv 9) Outflank
Lv 11) Dimensional Dervish
Lv 13) Dimensional Savant

Any thoughts and or suggestions? I know that the precise strike damage won't multipy on the crits, but after everything is said and done, the wakizashi's crit range is 13-20.

You may get more bites under the 3rd party forums....

nighttree wrote:
You may get more bites under the 3rd party forums....

Thank you, I've flagged it for wrong forum then.

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