Order 4208815

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Scarab Sages

Hi there,
I am confused why this order is still pending?

kind regards

Customer Service Representative

Hi Phoenix1990,

It looks like the system has been have trouble processing things because there is not a preferred card set for the subscription. Please set a preferred card on the My Subscriptions page. Let us know when that is done, so we can make sure the pending items process correctly.


Scarab Sages

Hi Sharaya

I have just updated my card details and phone number. Thank you kindly for your assistance in this matter

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Phoenix1990,

Thank you for letting us know. The card has been charged and you should see the PDFs from this order on your My Downloads page now. I see a second order for a couple more PDFs that had the same issue. Should I push those through using the updated payment method as well?

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