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Alternity 2017 FAQ
Revised: 5/21/17

On the topic of common questions for the new Alternity game, do you have any additional questions you recommend be added to the list, so I can submit them later to SGS for some answers?
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GMshoe Q&A
Is this a 2nd Edition of the game?
How does the damage/would system differ from the original Alternity?
Will the new version of Alternity be compatible with the rules and setting books of the original Alternity?
Will you be providing a conversion document between the different rules editions?
Will you be supporting the races and campaign settings (Star* Drive, Dark Matter...) of the original Alternity?
If no, will you be providing conversion rules so we can use them in the new Alternity?
Why a roll high mechanic instead of roll low mechanic as in the original game?
What are the classes and races that come in the core book?
If it has levels, what is the level cap?
Will it have equivalents to feats, advantages/disadvantages, perks/flaws and the like?
Will you be providing VTT support?
Will you be providing a license for Third Party Support (TTP)?
Will you be providing PDFs and POD options?
Will you be providing low-cost entry options for players (like a free System Resource Document online, a $5 Hero Guide PDF, and a $10- $20 Core Rules PDF)?
What modules will you be creating in addition to the core rule module?
Will you be creating a new version of the Arms & Equipment Guide from the original Alternity?
Will you be doing open playtests for the core rules, rules supplements and modules?
Will you be adding a Species Creator point based racial creation system in the Xenologist’s Guide?
What forms of feedback and communications will you keep open with backers?
Will you be going to GenCon 2017?
When the KS in over, will you be using BackerKit?
Will you be making a EU friendly option for the KS?

Additional Questions:

How does initiative differ from original Alternity?
Can I keep up with Alternity 2017 development if I missed the Kickstarter?

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