"Regional Support" for online play?

Online Play

Grand Lodge 3/5

Is there any way to get regional support credit for running online play sessions?

I'm thinking of running a bunch of rounds of Gallows of Madness, it'd be nice to get a shot at a boon. :)

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TPKon3: absolom drift will be starting up soon, you can DM there and get a boon

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Online

The possibility of the RSP for online play is a conversation that is being had - there will likely be no announcements related to that until after GenCon though, one way or the other.

(The RSP requires the games be part of a specific/given location with a venture officer assigned and ran/played as part of an event at that location to qualify - so that has to be translated to online play terms.)

Original announcement for the RSP can be found here:

http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5ljjj?Announcing-the-Regional-Support-P rogram

- Jesse

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