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Greetings, all!

I'm in the midst of writing a kobold-centered campaign for my players. In order to do the necessary homework to really get them involved, I'm looking for any and all sources of information on kobolds anyone can point me to.

Books, adventures, monster books, anything and everything. Any edition of DnD or 3rd party material is welcome as well - I can pick and choose what I would like to use. More material is better. I'd also like to hear your thoughts and opinions on kobolds - what do you love about them? What do you hate about them? How have you ran them, or encountered them as players?

Kobolds of Golarion is the obvious place to start...

Kobolds of Golarion
Advanced Race Guide
Monster Codex

AD&D 2nd Edition:
Complete Book of Humanoids
Monster Mythology

D&D 3.0:
The Sunken Citadel (updated to 5E in Tales from the Yawning Portal)

Kobolds Ate My Baby RPG (for sheer silliness)

If you have access to the Dragon Magazine Archive CD set, search for "Tucker's Kobolds". (I think that anecdote was an editorial rather than a feature?) It was the best early articulation of how these total wimps could take down a far more powerful enemy with just traps and guerilla tactics.

In my own current homebrew game, I subscribe to the idea of kobolds having traces of draconic blood, which became the default in 3E. A powerful dragon has exploited that link to build up the kobolds into her own personal empire. The tribes pay fealty and tribute to her, and work together against common enemies. In return, they get access to more powerful magic and part-dragon allies. When the high elves' homeland recently suffered a major disaster, the ever-opportunistic kobolds moved in and conquered it. The kobolds have also bought and/or stolen airships invented by the dwarves, which lets them emulate their dragon masters in new ways while gaining serious tactical advantages. Some kobolds are even trying to make a living as merchants and traders, in order to wring wealth from lands they haven't conquered yet.


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I'd also include rise of the kobald king module in there it introduces kobalds to Golarion so has some extra information not seen elsewhere when they are in adventures

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I recommend catching the True Dragons of Absalom, a 5-star GM exclusive, in PFS, if you can. It's an adventure for kobold pregens. It's fun to see things from the kobold side, and should give some ideas.

Kobolds of Golarion was fantastically helpful, thank you!

I'll definitely need to check out the Monster Codex - it's been on my list for awhile but kept getting pushed back.

Sunken Citadel... that must be findable somewhere. I'll dig it up.

Tucker's Kobolds was an amusing excerpt, but of limited use unfortunately.

Definitely checked out Rise of the Kobold King. It was okay, but didn't address a lot of the kobold side of things (as they were out of their den and in a weird space being controlled by their lunatic king).

I will have to get ahold of True Dragons of Absalom - that sounds right up my alley.

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Check out the Kobolds chapter in Advanced Races Compendium from Kobold Press! LOTS of great stuff in there!

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Kobolds are by far the most interesting race in the game. Their hidden tight-knit societies can be home to so many excellent adventures, as either the PC's home or their foil. I can't think of a campaign I've played in or run in the last ten years that didn't feature at least one kobold tribe, and none of them were there for the PC's to kill.

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TheBlackPlague wrote:

I will have to get ahold of True Dragons of Absalom - that sounds right up my alley.

It's a 5-star PFS GM exclusive, but it's a sequel to some PFS scenarios featuring kobolds.

Some spoilers of the scenario:

I got to play the extremely narcissistic sorcerer kobold that carries around a statue of himself. I killed around half of the enemies. It was fun.

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