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I've got a fairly specific question about the spell/s.p.a. Plane Shift (and by extension Janni's Jaunt). Besides "eight willing creatures," is there anything else a planar traveler can take with them? Obviously gear travels with you, so does it function like teleport (50 lb/lvl limit)?

My players picked up a (small) boat and want to take it with them between the Material and Elemental planes. If there's no weight limit, I can envision it playing like the fight sequence from the end of Thor 2, with cars getting sucked along between realms and whatnot.

On that weight limit, does it go the Glory Road way, that weight inside extradimensional spaces is counted, or that just the subjective weight?

There is no weight or size limit. So you can transport eight willing creatures of any size, and presumably whatever possessions they have.

However, as the GM you can impose reasonable restrictions on what constitutes a "possession". If an individual creature is wearing it or carrying it, it's in their possession. If it takes more than one creature to carry it, you can reasonably declare it's not in any one creature's possession, and thus doesn't go along.

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