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I'm looking to play a raging character with really high saves.
Bit of backstory, the campaign world was dead magic for ~1000 years and is only recently reentering the world. My character is a dwarf whose familial ties have adapted to the dead magic better than most. I was this to be reflected with multiple magic-resisting things, but primarily saves.

I was thinking a bloodrager with the primalist, steelblooded, and untouchable rager archetypes. The latter is both flavor and because I ended up dumping charisma to below the point where he'd ever be able to cast spells.

Destined bloodline with fate's favored for the level 4 ability.
Dwarf, with glory of old trait and steel soul feat at first level, and power attack at 3rd level.

The game is starting at 3rd level, so not having power attack at level 1 is moot.

If the game gets to level 8, I intend to trade out the bloodrage power for the superstitious and witch hunter rage powers.

My concern with this build, though, is that my quest for not being stuck with spells just makes me a kind of worse barbarian.
A barbarian would certainly have more offensive abilities, but couldn't duplicate the 4th leve destined bloodline power. [he could buy a luck stone at some point, but we haven't established how available magic items are going to be].

What do you think? Is my quest for high saves and spell resistance overly gimping my character?

I'd rather go Barb. They have good enough saves. Don't have your character defined by a gimmick.

Plus I love using Ymeri's Pyre with Elemental Stance to shed off conditions.

If you said that magic is really only coming back, then the odds of a bad guy being a super powerful wizard is slim.

So a normal barbarian can have superstition which will give more than the destined bloodline power to saves, going unchained makes for high will save totals, but a little less coverage and lower fort saves.

Yeah if your throwing away your Spells and taking Primalist there is not really a point to going Bloodrager anymore. Shoot there is little point in going bloodrager giving up your spells. It is an extremely good class feature that helps put them out on top.

I recommend straight Barbarian.

Sovereign Court

Stance rage powers for unchained barbarian are decent.

I always pick divine classes for high saves however by dead magic I guess there is no paladin/cleric.

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