Making Troops (The subtype)


So for a game I'm to be DMing in a homebrew setting, I'm making the orcish horde ahead of time for my MLP Binder of Baddies (I love the oxymoron). But I'm trying to think about the composite creatures in relativity to the troop, and I'm also... confused on making them.

Do I just statically assign a CR to the troop I'm making, completely independent of the base creature? The highest CR goblin they'll find (generic, not named) are my CR 2 goblin rogues that ride ahead of the orcs with poisoned weapons. So when I turn that into a troop, is it unbalanced to give their auto hit troop attack the poison still? And is it at a CR appropriate DC, or the base creature's DC 14? Do I have them keep sneak attack?

And as far as HPs go- I can completely understand the gobbies disbanding in disarray. The Orcs... not as much. Would an ability "To the Death" that gives them essentially 1.5x or 2x the average hitpoints to signify the troop isn't breaking ranks, you're killing all of them too much?

Please help >_<

While the Troop subtype has gotten much support in Bestiary VI, I suggest these 3rd party options for ease of use:

Squads & Scores


I'll keep that in my back pocket, thank you. But I was really, I guess, just looking for guidance on how the Troop subtype was supposed to be made and advanced. Anyone?

Just finished an example in another thread.

Discussion on the example to be held there.


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