Deer Race? Bear Race?


Hi all,

Can anyone point me towards some printed material that will help me create:

(1) Several bipedal caribou characters? (Deer / Moose / Elk-men would work fine).

(2) A bipedal polarbear character? (Any kind of bear-man would work fine)

Optimally, this would be a template in an existing pathfinder bestiary, or from an existing Adventure Path (since I own them all). If not, anything available on the PFSRD would also help.

Thank you!

Shadow Lodge

For the cervids, you've got:
The god Erastil (God of Family, farming, hunting, trade)
The Empyreal Lord Cernunnos (God of Fertility, seasons, wild animals)
Cervinal Agathion (Deer-taur angels)
Toshigami Kami (well, it's a person with antlers...)
Wendigo (creapy canibal monster)

For the Ursids, you've got:
Werebear Lycanthrope

While there aren't any specifically called out, having other Agathians in either role would also make sense.

Eric Morton present has exactly what you need.

Clan of the Bear and Clan of the Deer would be a good place to start


Skortched Urf Fursona serie or True Beast could also be of help.

Thank you!

There's also the 3pp manimal template.

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