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Sorry if these are answered elsewhere. I checked the FAQ and didn't see these questions answered.

1. If add new characters to the game do I take any cards out? I'm playing with here people (myself included) and want to play a cleric in the cleric pack but I would be adding a ton of new cards that would change the chance of the other players getting a card they would use.

2. I'm sure I'm correct on this one but it came up while playing. Do all players have to use blessing/items...etc before the check is rolled? I had people want to wait and see if a check was passed before offering up a card and that seems to not be in the spirit of the game.

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This is in the wrong forum. This is the forum for the RPG adventure path and this belongs to the adventure cards forum.
Flagging to move to the right one so you can get some useful answers.

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Sorry about that I didn't notice the third option. Thought there was only RPG and adventure.

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Found the answer to question 1 and am going to make another thread to ask 2 in a better way. This thread can be deleted as there does not appear to be a way for me to.

After an hour you no longer can.

You have to flag it for deletion and allow the mods to do so, or just ignore it (and it will likely be buried later).

Regardless, good gaming!


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