Drop Dead Studios, Sphere's of power expansion products?

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I was wondering if anyone knows what the schedule is for the spheres of power expansion products? They've all been so good that I'm hoping for more, especially since it feels a bit limiting for players who are focusing on sphere's that haven't yet been expanded.

Liberty's Edge

Dark should be coming out any time now. Mind and Creation are on deck.

They were doing about one a month, but that pace has slowed with the SoM playtest

Liberty's Edge

The one per month pace has never been sustained for more than two books in a row, unfortunately. Everyone would like to pick up the pace, not easy in practice though.

Okay, thanks! The creation sphere makes me happy-- more options for summoners :).

Liberty's Edge

Conjuration will have more options for summoners. Creation makes stuff, conjuration summons outsiders.

Conjuration should go to playtest in the near future.

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