Revival of the Runelords Recruitment (open)


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Chaos in the Streets!

Many have come to the sleepy town of Sandpoint to enjoy the Swallowtail Festival, a Desnan celebration of the harvest and of peace, good fortune, and community, only to find themselves in the midst of a fearsome goblin attack! Fires are burning, people are screaming, and panic is setting in! Our heroes must survive the raid, help restore order, and discover what has riled up the goblins making them willing to brave a direct attack on the town. Then they will begin to realize that a slumbering power stirs beneath Varisia.

This is a recruitment thread for a campaign using the Rise of the Runelords adventure Path. It is a revival of a game that died out (hence the name) when the earlier GM backed out. The original game died right after the very first combat against the goblins so you won't have missed much. I am taking over the game but this means that three characters from the original thread have been accepted into the new game by default.

These characters are:
Cade Goodbarrel - a halfling inspired blade swashbuckler
Floredana Mandulescu - an undine Varisian pilgrim cleric of Desna
Kargas Stormscar - a half-orc bloodrager (air elemental bloodline)

I know party balance is a myth... but I like it. So it wouldn't be a bad idea to think of how your character will fit with the others. We are looking for two or three more characters.

Those who submit characters should have an idea about the theme and general environment of the game. The AP is about ancient mysteries, and goblins and giants play a large part in the game. If you haven't already, I suggest you download and read the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Players Guide.

RAW vs. RAI: As a general rule I will try to go with RAI over RAW as long as it doesn't break any game features. I will keep a document going that contains such rulings.

Posting Expectations:
I will expect people to post generally once a day on weekdays, and aim for one post over the weekend. These correspond roughly to my own posting abilities.

For the record, I live in Toronto, Ontario, and am therefore in the EST time zone. But I make most of my posts after midnight, between then and 6 AM local time. It doesn't matter if you post at other times.

I would like all character submissions to be made by midnight Friday April 28th. I will consult the existing players and we should have our new party chosen by Monday.

Character Build Rules:
First of all, Rise of the Runelords is meant to be an "easy" campaign, and as a resource mostly uses Core-only, with a bit of stuff from the APG here and there. It is written for 4 players with a 15-point buy. A lot of encounters in the AP have a CR of APL or APL-1 or even APL-2. I don't mind ramping things up a bit but when characters are using options from a huge host of books they have a big advantage.

So I would prefer to see characters that are versatile rather than characters that can only do one thing very well. I don't mind optimization - I think that there should be some rewards for system mastery - but try to keep it under control. Leave room for side abilities, and make sure your character can do things both in and out of combat.

Backstory: Make sure your story includes where you are from, what your upbringing was like, how you ended up in Sandpoint, and why you are there. It helps to give names to family, friends, and enemies in your backstory. You are allowed to be a Sandpoint native, and I'd prefer to have at least one character who is from there. I often give minor bonuses to those who come up with a good story.

It wouldn't hurt to include a sample forum post with your submission.

Alignment: Preferably no evil. The AP assumes characters that are 'hero' types who will put their lives on the line for strangers. If you really want to play an evil character, you will need to explain why your character would act like a 'hero.' You need to play well with others.

Points: 20 point buy. Don't dump more than one score to 7. Don't dump more than two scores at all.

Race: Any Paizo Core race or any other Paizo race worth at most 10 RP. If you want to play a more powerful race I may allow it but will likely nerf it somewhat. Some races will not be appropriate for the setting and will be rejected, such as goblins, orcs, drow, etc. If you want to play something unusual make sure your backstory explains what you are doing in Sandpoint. FYI all planetouched races are considered humanoids with the outsider subtype for this game (and not outsiders with the native subtype).

HUMANS: I personally think humans' race traits are boring as f**k. So human characters MUST take an alternate racial trait that replaces either their bonus feat or skilled (or both).

Classes: Any Paizo except occult classes. No guns. Summoners must be the unchained variety. Avoid class archetypes that you know are cheese.

Starting Level: 1st.

Starting Gold: average for class or 150 gp, whichever is more.

Traits: Pick 2. Make sure they are not in the same category (please list which category they come from on your sheet). You may choose a Drawback for a third trait ONLY if A: one of your traits is a campaign trait and B: The Drawback actually hinders your character. For example, if you wanted a drawback that gave you a penalty fighting in melee, and your character never fights in melee, this doesn't hurt you at all and is not a valid drawback for you. You will also be getting a free "Caste Trait" in addition to these (see the caste trait spoiler, below).

HP: Max at first level. I will allow the players to decide whether they want to go with average round up or rolled hit dice for the rest of the levels, as long as everyone is doing it the same way.

Variants: Background skills will be allowed.

3pp Material: It is very unlikely that I will allow any 3pp material, but for me to even consider it it must be available online for free at a site like It also would have to be simple. If I have to learn a whole new game system to understand your character, it's a safe bet that I won't allow it. If you can achieve what you want without using 3pp material then go that route - your chances of being accepted improve.

Crafting Feats are NOT allowed. If your class grants crafting feats as bonus feats use the PFS versions of those class bonus feats. You can still craft... see my house rules.

One more thing: Be aware that some feats, traits, and spells are restricted to specific races, nationalities, or religions. The Paizo PRD and d20pfsrd usually do not list these requirements because they are a part of the company's product identity. The Archives of Nethys lists these and is a good source for that. If you want a feature that is normally not available to your race or religion, you will need to make a pitch as to why you think it should be available to you. It will be up to me to decide if it works or not. I don't usually mind re-theming and re-skinning but I don't like it when players just assume it will be allowed.

Feat Tax Breaks!:
If you are playing a race and a class that does not get bonus feats at first level, I will allow you to count as having one feat for the purpose of qualifying for other feats, with some conditions. This feat can be a combat feat or a magic feat.

Combat Feat Taxes:
1. The feats you may replace are: Power Attack, Weapon Finesse, Point-Blank-Shot, Weapon Focus, and Combat Expertise.

2. The feats you may use this ability to qualify for must be feats that allow an attack option with a to-hit roll. All to-hit rolls using that feat will have a -1 penalty as long as you do not have the prerequisite feat. So there is still a reason to take that feat later.

3. If your class grants bonus feats later than first level, then you must acquire the prerequisite feat before or at the level you gain a bonus feat.

Magic Feat Taxes:
As above, if you are playing a race and a class that does not get bonus feats at first level, I will allow you to ignore the requirement of the Spell Focus feat as a prerequisite for other feats, provided:

1. You acquire the feat at a level no earlier than when you could have acquired the feat and all its prerequisites. For example, if the feat had two prerequisites (including spell focus), then you could not take that feat earlier than 5th level, since it would normally be your 3rd feat.

2. Any spells cast in the school of the Spell Focus feat you are ignoring have their save DCs reduced by one. If the spell instead requires a to hit roll or caster level check those rolls are made at -1.

3. As with combat feats above, if your class grants bonus feats later than first level, then you must acquire the prerequisite feat before or at the level you gain a bonus feat.

House Rules:
Characters may not start the game with masterwork armor or weapons.

A few changes to weapons:
* A Greatclub is a simple weapon
* A Repeating Crossbow is a simple weapon... the issue is finding one, not using it. They are as rare as any other Asian weapon.
* A longbow is an exotic weapon. The elven weapon familiarity ability makes it a martial weapon for elves rather than granting proficiency.
* When used as a double weapon, the weapon finesse feat may be used with a quarterstaff.
* Chakra only do 1d6 damage.

I may be adding some custom weapons.

Power Attack & Deadly Aim
Characters without the Power Attack Feat may make a wild swing. This functions like Power Attack except the penalty to hit starts at -3 and increases in increments of -3 instead of -1. Likewise, characters without the Deadly Aim Feat may make a deadly shot that functions as with wild swing above.

Weapon Finesse
Characters without the weapon finesse feat may make a careful strike. A careful strike is a melee attack that uses DEX instead of STR to determine hit chance. However, the character's strength is penalized by -2 for the purpose of damage for the careful strike, and the strength bonus can never add damage to the strike (it can only deduct damage if negative). However, touch attacks such as spells which do not do melee damage may use DEX as if the character had weapon finesse.

Sneak Attack and Criticals
If a character has the sneak attack ability or some other ability that adds precision damage based on flanking or the target being flat-footed, the character also does this damage on a confirmed critical. If the character makes a sneak attack and confirms a critical, he does an additional amount of damage equal to the number of sneak attack dice rolled. If the weapon's critical multiplier is x3 double this amount, and if the multiplier is x4, triple it. This extra damage is precision damage.

Combat Maneuvers:
A lot of combat maneuvers seem redundant to me. So:
* Drag and Reposition are just options with the Grapple maneuver and use the Improved Grapple Feat.
* Steal is an option with the Improved Disarm feat.
* Overrun is an option with the Improved Bull Rush feat.

Combat Maneuvers and Opportunity Attacks:
The logic behind combat maneuvers (and unarmed strikes) provoking attacks of opportunity is that if you try to grab or strike someone with your bare hands and that person is armed with a deadly weapon then they have the chance to strike at your hands.

Using this logic, combat maneuvers do not provoke if performed with a weapon, a natural attack, or by a character using the improved unarmed strike feat. If a bull rush is performed with a shield this also does not provoke. The relevant feats still protect you from AoOs if you use your bare hands.

Featless Crafting
Magic items can be made by players, but there is no price discount. A spell-casting character with a caster level is able to make any magic item if his caster level is high enough to qualify for the feat that the item normally requires. This means that casters don't have to sacrifice feats to make things for the non-casters and the party doesn't waste time making things they could just buy in a store.

If players want discounts they will need to use the downtime rules from Ultimate Campaign.

Character Size and Special Movement
Because a smaller character has much less mass, it is easier for such a character to propel his body using his muscles. Likewise, while a larger creature may be stronger, it has a much larger mass and moving that body with muscles is more difficult. As such, creatures making climb checks gain a bonus or penalty based on their size, equal to the bonus given for stealth: Fine +16, Diminutive +12, Tiny +8, Small +4, Medium +0, Large -4, Huge -8, Gargantuan -12, Colossal -16. Creatures that use Dexterity instead of Strength for climb checks ignore this rule.

A similar rule applies to swim checks. However, since buoyancy is a major factor and buoyancy does not depend on size, swim checks receive half the above bonus or penalty.

The fly skill already includes such a rule.

Miscellaneous Skill rules
* Ride is more about convincing your mount to do something than operating a set of reins and stirrups. Ride uses Charisma as it's key ability score rather than Dexterity. Another good reason for paladins and cavaliers to have good charisma! This also means that Ride is not subject to armor check penalty.

* Some perform skills, such as dance and stringed instrument, are more a matter of manual coordination than persuasiveness and social grace. If a character wishes he may use Dexterity for the key ability score of these skills, as long as his character is trained. Which particular skills apply is subject to GM approval but is usually pretty intuitive.

* Intimidate is a compensatory mechanism that people who are unable to persuade others to do things use to get their way. Someone using Intimidate may use Wisdom instead of Charisma as they key ability for that skill if they wish. Note that having the appearance of being threatening (such as an armed man intimidating an unamed one) will grant circumstance bonuses to intimidate. Any effect that grants a bonus on will saves against fear, emotions, or mind-affecting effects, also increases the DC for an intimidate check against that creature.

* Intimidate to Rally: Intimidate may be used on friendly targets to reduce the effects of demoralize or other similar effects. This works as a demoralize check, but for every round of the shaken condition this would normally impose, it instead removes 1 round of such a condition. If the target has a bonus to saves against fear effects (as above) these reduce the DC in this case. This method can also reduce the duration of the frightened condition by turning a similar number of rounds into rounds of the shaken condition instead.

* Intimidate against groups: Consider this: "Hey you! I'm gonna kill you! No, not you, him! No, no, the one in the stupid hat! Yeah, you in the blue shirt! You're dead meat!" When intimidate is used against groups, you cannot use the skill against a specific individual in that group without some easy way of picking that person out of a group (like addressing them by name). Otherwise, you must use the skill against the entire group. Anyone beyond the first person increases the DC by 2, as if that person had made a relevant aid another check to help the initial target. Thus intimidating a group of 5 people would give a +8 to the DC of the intimidate check. The Dazzling Display feat removes this increase.

This effect can also be used to rally a group (see above), with other shaken or frightened targets increasing the DC.

* Bluff can be used to simulate intimidate by making a threat that a character cannot actually carry out (such as claiming to be some kind of official who will have the victim imprisoned, or claiming that one is a wizard who will turn someone into a toad). This is first opposed by a sense motive check, or possibly a relevant knowledge check if there is a way the victim could know the character's statement was false. If the victim fails the opposed check, the bluff check may also be used as an intimidate check. If the bluff fails, the target will usually become hostile.

Alchemists (and investigators)
I don't really like the fluff behind alchemists - it seems that they do a lot of things in ways to avoid being spells but end up working just like spells. So Alchemists work a little differently.

Extracts are spells. The vial with the formula inside is simply the material component of the spell. Bombs and mutagens are spell-like abilities in the same way. Alchemists need a spell component pouch.

The good news is that this means Alchemists and Investigators get the infusion discovery for free. They also get to make extracts of cantrips and use cantrips as a Magus. If an alchemist gives an infusion to someone they have one round to use it or it is wasted.

The bad news is that since they are spells Alchemists need to make concentration checks and follow the same rules as any other spellcasting class for the purposes of concentration.

If you have a plausible way a spell could be used that is not covered in the rules, I will probably allow it, as long as the consequences are not problematic for the game.

Spells that allow you to ignore the cost of material components, such as blood money, are not allowed.

Certain spells have been adjusted due to power levels.
* Frostbite is a 2nd level spell.
* Snowball is a 2nd level spell.

There may be more rulings about individual spells if the need arises.

FYI During the game I will be monitoring the game to try and make sure character power due to wealth is on-track. If you spend money on luxuries and things that don't impact the adventuring ability of your character, you will be roleplaying well and will probably find more treasure as a result.

My Golarion:
Since I am already playing one Runelords game straight-out-of-the-box, I figure I will do things a little differently this time around.

Golarion is written to be approachable by people living in the modern world, particularly for people living in the United States. As a result, a lot of cultural institutions exist which date from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as public education, police forces, isolated farmsteads, and so on.

I am going to move the culture here to be more like the late middle-ages. Late enough that things like full plate armor and rapiers can exist, but class distinction will matter a lot more and literacy is not common.

However I won't go too far; Magnimar is "Magnimar the Free" and the principles of the founding of Magnimar were to reject serfdom and servitude. So most of the people in towns are freemen and owe no oaths of vassalage to anyone. Serfdom exists in the countryside of Magnimarian realms but is voluntarily accepted and allows many rights and ways to be released from serfdom.

Each character starts as a member of a social caste. People of your own social caste will generally be much friendlier towards you than those who are outside your social class. Though the gentry and aristocracy have many privileges, there are advantages to being a part of any class. Each character chooses a social caste at the start of the game and receives a corresponding trait. It is possible to change your class but this will be difficult, and will not change your trait.

Each coin weighs 1/100th of a pound. This makes the math slightly easier. It also makes the coin roughly the same weight as a Roman gold solidus... or an an American quarter.

Silver is the primary currency and for much of the game gold will be fairly rare. This does mean that treasure hoards will tend to be considerably heavier. Copper coins are used much like "small bills." A copper coin can be split into four parts (to allow amounts like 1/4 of a sp to be possible).

Promissory notes are a type of currency that you can obtain and will sometimes find. The church of Abadar maintains a banking system and issues such notes; private merchants may also do so.

It is going to be a lot harder to earn money through day jobs than what is listed in the core rules. Unskilled labor is normally paid 1 sp per day. Some trades are worth more than others, but it would be very rare for someone to earn more than 4 sp per day at a job.

I am planning to adjust the prices of masterwork gear and magic items to try to make the economy make more sense. Overall my goal is to adjust the system to make character power at a given level the same as before but to make the magic economy less broken. For starting gear, use the prices as they are for the moment. You won't get to buy things until the initial encounters are over anyway, so these rules will be posted later.

Caste Traits:
Each character gets to choose one Caste Trait in addition to their normal traits. The trait will reflect the character's social class and background.

Note that your Caste will not give you any additional wealth. If you come from a wealthy family, you should have some reason to expect that either you will receive no inheritance or support (either you are on bad terms with your family or your father is healthy and will live for a long time) or that whatever inheritance or support you can expect has already been given to you (and is represented by your starting wealth).

Likewise coming from a poor caste does not reduce starting wealth. Somehow you have come into a considerable amount of money, more than those of your station normally amass.

I expect that we will get a variety of social classes here, though the players should overcome their class prejudices fairly quickly and learn to work together.

Aristocracy: Your family has large estates and considerable wealth, and is one of the families that controls the political situation in the region where they live. Aristocrats are almost exclusively of Chelaxian ancestry (though a few exceptions do exist, like the Kaijitsu family). Commoners are required to show you respect and you can punish those who do not. As an aristocrat you start with a free noble's outfit and a signet ring, you gain a +2 on checks to intimidate commoners, and a +1 to intimidate nobles of a lower social rank than you (such as gentry). Knowledge (nobility), Ride, and Diplomacy are always class skills for you. However, you get a -1 penalty on Sense Motive checks against commoners.

Gentry: Your family holds a small estate suitable to support a lower noble. They may not hold the reins of power but they at least have access to those who do. Like Aristocrats, most gentry are of Chelaxian ancestry, but exceptions are more common than among the aristocracy. Commoners are expected to defer to you and treat you with respect, and you have the right to punish those who do not, though you have to be careful not to antagonize your own vassals too much. You have a free courtier's outfit, and get a +1 on intimidate checks to intimidate commoners, but receive a -1 on sense motive checks against the same people. You gain a +1 to Ride checks, and Ride and Knowledge (nobility) are always class skills for you.

Foreign Noble: You come from a wealthy and genteel family from far abroad. The local people are unfamiliar with your customs, but they tend to give you "the benefit of the doubt" when it comes to your status. Local nobles do not consider you their equal but are polite to you and allow you to move in their society. You get a +1 on bluff checks to deceive locals and a +1 on appraise checks. Appraise and Knowledge (geography) are always class skills for you. You gain an extra bonus language. You also begin play with a noble's outfit of exotic design.

Clergy: You were raised in the confines of a church, abbey, monastery, or school, and received a thorough education. Though you may not be well prepared for hard work or the outside world your education and manners show your dignified upbringing. As long as you are a member in good standing of your priesthood and your faith is locally recognized, and if charged with a breach of law you have the right to be tried in an ecclesiastical court instead of a secular one. You gain a +1 to profession (priest or magician or scribe) and perform (oratory or sing). +1 to linguistics checks. Gain a bonus language. People of the same religion as you generally start as friendly to you. Start with a silver holy symbol for free.

Guildsman/woman: Your family were members of a guild and practiced a trade or profession, and taught you their trade as a part of raising you. Not only are you familiar with the world of your profession, but business in general has been a part of your education since you were small. You gain a +1 on appraise checks and +1 to any checks related to bargaining, and to one profession or craft skill performed by a guild (which is always a class skill for you). You also gain a +1 to bluff checks to deceive nobles or clergy. You also start with guild papers giving you the right to work as a journeyman in your field, and a set of ordinary artisan's tools if your trade requires them.

Peasant: Most people are occupied in the profession of raising food and you are no exception. The work is hard, but for the most part simple, and you grow or make most of what you use in your daily life. But the tax men and the nobility have power over you, so your best defense is to play on their prejudices by looking harmless and not worth bothering with. You have learned to hide your wealth and some of your produce to make sure that your so-called "betters" will not take everything from you. You gain a +1 on bluff checks to deceive nobles, or to look innocent or stupid or poor. You also get a +1 to profession (farmer) and to appraise checks concerning agricultural goods or implements. Handle Animal and Survival are always class skills for you. You have a strong back and your carrying capacity treated as if your STR were one point higher. You start with a farm implement of some kind (a pitchfork, pruning hook, hoe, grain threshing flail, etc.) and count as having the Catch-Off-Guard feat when wielding this implement as a weapon.

Urban Poor: While the cities are known for their craftsmen and tradesmen, most residents are simple laborers, while many more are beggars, and others are folk who look to other ways to improve their lot which might not be strictly legal. As a result the slums where such people live are rarely entered by outsiders, and you are often able to get away with things simply by sticking close to others of your class. You gain a +1 on bluff checks against nobles, clergy, and peasants. You also gain a +1 on checks to find underworld connections or spot a crime taking place, and gain a +1 on stealth checks to get lost in crowds.

Vagabond: The people in the towns and villages of the world look on you and your kind as rootless and untrustworthy, and pity your lack of a home. But they are fools, and you wouldn't trade your way of life with them. Yours is the open road, and new vistas and horizons are your life; the whole world is your palace. If a place doesn't suit you, you don't have to simply endure it; you can just pull up stakes and move on. You live a life rich with laughter and friendship, and if outsiders don't understand you that is their problem. You might have been a member of a Varisian caravan (which go by wagon or riverboat), or perhaps a member of a traveling troupe of actors, minstrels, or other performers. You get a +1 to knowledge (geography) and to survival checks to avoid getting lost, and a +1 on bluff checks to deceive someone unfamiliar with your people's reputation (which is mainly foreigners). You also receive a +1 to one skill, either profession (sailor or driver) or one particular perform skill. Handle Animal and Knowledge (geography) are always class skills for you. You also know a set of secret personal information that you could use to prove your bona fides to another caravan master or head of a performer's troupe should you desire to travel with them.

Savage: People from Sandpoint call you "barbarian," and think you primitive. You come from the wild lands beyond "civilization" and while the locals may think you ignorant, hard lives breed hard men and one of your kind is worth ten of theirs. You know how to survive where "civilized" men would wither and die. You gain +2 to survival checks to find food in the wild and +1 for any other survival checks. Survival and knowledge (nature) are always class skills for you. You also gain a +1 to intimidate checks against "civilized" folk, and attempts to intimidate you suffer a +2 to the DC. You may hustle for 1 extra hour in overland travel without negative effects. You begin play with a tribal fetish, a small bag full of ceremonial materials. It functions as a potion or oil of a 0-level spell, except that in order to activate it one crushes it or breaks it instead of drinking it.

How you can help Me:
Some Useful Tips For Your Character Submission:
These are some things that make my job as GM easier. Help me out and you are more likely to get your character selected.

Tell Me Who You Are:
Give me an idea of how much experience you have with Pathfinder, PbP gaming, and role-playing games in general. Any level of skill is acceptable, and won't be a major factor in selection, but this will tell me what to expect.

Try to make your character sheet easy to read. Use headings in bold. Avoid walls of text. Insert breaks between paragraphs. Group larger sections of your characters that don't need to be looked at all the time into spoiler tags.

Self Audit
Self-Auditing means making sure it is obvious how your character achieved the results he/she has. Show me how you got there. I don't mind that you found a way to get a +18 to perception at 1st level; just show me how you did it. Don't make me dig around to figure things out. List applicable bonuses to the things that are not obvious. Herolab users: Be advised that Herolab does not do this for you. It shows the final results in the form of an official stat block. But you will have to add information to show how your character works internally.

Make sure that it's easy for me to find the source for your character material. The easiest way to do this is to provide links. Put links to things like traits, spells, feats, archetypes and so on - especially if they are not from core. Do me a favor and don't make me look up something obscure just so I can verify how your character works.

Don't Surprise Me
It's great that you found an amazing combo of abilities. But don't just spring this on me mid-game. Let me know what you are planning in advance. That way, when you get to the point where your second prestige class suddenly grants you an additional +23 to hit, and I tell you that's too much, I don't have to hear the "but I planned that all along!" or "that's the whole point of this build!" Show me a general plan of where you want to go with the character.

Explain your Role
Include a brief bit explaining how you expect your character to function in and out of combat. What strategies does he use? What kind of help would he appreciate from teammates? What is he good at? Are there any gimmicks he depends on? What is he most likely to do if you didn't post?

Know Your Character
Make sure you understand how your character works. Many abilities have conditions that mean there are some times they cannot be used. This is particularly important for spellcasters. Make sure you know what spells have a casting time of more than a standard action and don't try to cast personal spells on other people. Make sure your character sheet is referenced in a way that makes it easy for YOU to find this information.

Watch Your Hands
It's a pet peeve of mine in my home game that players forget what they are holding in their hands and then try to swap items in their hands with stowed items without paying the actions necessary to do this. Make sure you understand the action rules as they pertain to drawing weapons, pulling items out of your backpack, and putting things away. Declare what you are holding in your hands at the start of encounter areas, and on top of that it's a good idea to have a "default" setup explaining what you will normally be carrying in your hands. Pay attention to this when you select what equipment you are using.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!

Rune GM

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"Dangit, Flor, every time I blink you're a different color."

I'm here, trying not to look too eager. 20 point buy female elf diviner. I will need to add a caste trait (say it fast) and will beef up the appearance section as well. Should be done by the end of the day.

I started gaming in AD&D and was pretty avid up through 2nd Edition (Planscape was my favorite by far). Then life got in the way. I have little experience with table Pathfinder but have been playing Pathfinder and 3.5 PBP since 2001. That being said, I am relatively new to the Paizo forums.

I have played ROTRL PBP from the haunted house to the start of the flooded town. I think that is end of book 2 to close to the end of book 3?

I believe my audit is complete, especially in the skill areas. There are links to OGL for some of the more esoteric stuff. That being said, I dont believe anything in there will surprise you.

Thanks for the look.

Edit: Okay, I am fairly happy with the results now and it should be complete.

Just dotting for now so i can track. working on the finer details of my character :)

Laurana Kanan wrote:
I believe my audit is complete...

Hi, Laurana.

It's okay if you've played some of the AP before as long as you don't spoil things for others.

OK, looking over your sheet, I can see you are using Herolab to start with.

That is both good and bad. It is a fairly safe bet that your math is generally correct unless you have edited it before pasting it here. On the other hand, a lot of things are not apparent to me, such as:

* Where is your favored class bonus going? I assume wizard is your favored class.
* Did you take any alternate racial traits? Without going through every ability one by one and comparing it to the standard elf abilities I can't tell, and I'd rather have you do that work.
* What spell does the Magical Lineage trait apply to?
* Did you include background skills?
* What is the weight of your gear? Are you at a light load?
* I assume identify is your divination school spell? It would be good to have some way of marking which spells are your school slots.

About your background:

* Sandpoint is a young enough settlement that if you are 102 you would have been alive when it was founded. It's not that old of a town (though the Varisians lived there before it was "founded").
* Brodert Quink doesn't have much money and probably couldn't afford to actually hire anyone. If you wanted to be his "assistant" in order to learn more about Ancient Thassilon, you could, but it would not be a paying job. Your family might be bugging you about getting a "real" job.
* There is no such thing as an Archaeologist's guild and Profession (archaeology) is not a valid skill. Any checks related to that kind of thing would be made with Knowledge (history) which you already have.
* There isn't an "education/sage guild" either. Public education does not exist. The Turandarok Academy is primarily a magic school, and there is a magician's guild.
* If your father was a woodworker that worked for the Valdemars then he would likely have been a part of the Shipwrights' guild. This is a powerful and influential guild. The only Berinni I can find in the reference material is Jesk, the owner of Cracktooth's Tavern.
* What are your parents' names? Is your father still alive? What are they like? Are you an only child? Why did your family move to Sandpoint when it was founded? Where are they from before that?

Hope that helps.

Rune GM

The Exchange

Here's mine

Blue is the final color, I promise! Backstory is still fluid, but she is still here to swindle your backstory out of you, Kargas!

@Rune GM, thanks for your guidance. I appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me. I hope my corrections are in line with what you wanted. Here is a summary of the changes:

* Favored class is wizard with bonus going to HP, marked on sheet.

* No alternate racial traits.

* Added what is class and what is racial to the abilities.

* Magical Lineage applies to Mage Armor.

* Yes, background skills (+2) were added as the profession of archeology but since that is not a thing, I added them to history. This is specifically noted in the skills section.

* Added the weight of the gear, currently light load.

* Identify is the 1st level div spell. I have specially marked it on the sheet

* Changed her age and her family's background for being there.

* Changed relationship to Quink's assistant

* Changed parents' guild associations and added the background skill from archeology to history

* Edited father's history.

* Added parent names and sibling, as well as reason to move to Sandpoint from previous location.

There are truths whispered upon the wind, though most would dare not listen.

Roakkad Shrikkir-tsha, Scion of Gozreh
Shoanti Wizard (Spirit Whisperer)

A refugee hailing from the Shriikirri-Quah of Northern Varisia, Roakkad's fate led him to the impossible city of Kaer Maga where he trained with the druidic cults therein. Now, a dying augur's portent has ushered him to the provincial village of Sandpoint for purposes unknown.

About Me:

I've been playing PbP for about 1.5 years now and have grown to prefer it over live games. I've GM'd a few games on the boards, including a complete Beginner's Box, and am currently running the Seers of the Drowned City Module as well as book 2 of the updated Curse of the Crimson Throne (the latter of which I'm particularly proud of). I've played in a multitude of games, and you can examine my post history and "Favorited by Others" tab to get an idea of my writing style. Roakkad previously participated in an interesting RotR game, but the game moved so slowly that I felt it best to (politely) withdraw from that game, and I've since been waiting for a motivated and organized GM such as yourself to offer another run-through. I particularly like the historical touches you're giving this campaign.

Roakkad's Role:

Roakkad is a wizard/shaman hybrid with access to the wizard spell list but, in place of school specialization, receives limited access to a shaman spirit. I've chosen Nature, which will truly come online at level 5, when Roakkad will receive spontaneous summon nature's ally, gain the Augmented Summons feat, and later add his Cha modifier (+3) to the saves of his summoned animals. In other words, Roakkad will often summon animals to add melee support to the group. While the bookkeeping of summoned creatures can be problematic in a live game, I've found that the immediate access to stats in PbP makes it much easier to handle, and I plan to take full responsibility for tracking the stats and abilities of my own summons. In addition to summoning animal allies, Roakkad will focus on spells keyed to the natural world, especially the weather and animal-themed spells that are such a great fit for the worship of Gozreh. Spells like lightning bolt, aqueous orb, and ice storm will be interspersed with bull's strength, cat's grace, and so on. I'm no fool, however, and will also rely on wizardly classics like color spray and dimension door, where helpful.

I've included both a backstory and sample roleplay in my profile. I apologize for its length, but hope you will enjoy the story. I really love Roakkad and hope that's evident in the care and thoughtfulness I've given him.

I have not yet calculated coin weight per your rules, but will be glad to do so if selected for your game. I have used background skills and selected the Clergy caste trait. My bonus language is Varisian. Thank you for taking time to consider me, and please let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck to you in this campaign!

OK, Laurana, your sheet mostly looks solid.

A couple things:

Laurana Kanan wrote:
* Magical Lineage applies to Mage Armor.

It's your character, but I think that most people would consider this a waste. Mage armor already has a very long duration. It's rare that an adventuring "day" would take more than a few hours, especially at low levels. Using this to give Extend Spell to mage armor for free seems like a waste of a potentially powerful trait. In my home game the party sorcerer bought a wand of mage armor at around 4th or 5th level and now that we are at 13th level he still has charges left.

I would apply it to a spell that you would probably want to apply more powerful metamagic feats to down the road. Like Quicken.

You are welcome to keep it this way - don't let me play your character for you. If you want suggestions on particular spells let me know.

Laurana Kanan wrote:
* Yes, background skills (+2) were added as the profession of archeology but since that is not a thing, I added them to history. This is specifically noted in the skills section.

Okay, this is not how Background skills work. They don't give you a bonus on existing skills. Background skills gives you two extra skill ranks per level, but these ranks can only be spent on specific less frequently used skills.

I apologize for not including a link earlier. Here are the rules:
Background Skills

Alright, I will edit the background skills. Change it to Linguistics and write up a suitable reason for it.

As for the Magical Lineage, you will let me use it on a spell that she has not learned yet? I did not want to assume that and should have asked earlier. Many thanks for the clarification.

Rune Gm,
I believe my character is adjusted and waiting for your final approval. I will RP the acquisition of the wolf/Dog (from the trait) when we get started. It was not put into the background.

Thank you again for taking this up.

Barlo Underhill wrote:
Here's mine

Hi, Barlo!

I find it interesting that you have three balls. :)

OK, a bunch of comments here. Your character looks to be a little bare bones.

* The most important thing is that there is no background at all! You will need to come up with one if you wish to be considered at all.


* It looks like Barlo is built on 15 points. We are using 20-point buy.

* A rogue starts with 8 HP plus their CON bonus. So you should have 9, or 10 if your favored class bonus applies. I assume Rogue is your favored class?

* Is your character an Unchained Rogue (i.e. with the upgrade from Pathfinder Unchained)? If you aren't familiar with that, have a look. One of the things they get is the Weapon Finesse feat as a free bonus feat.

* The acrobat archetype is fine but it would have been nice for you to provide a link to it.

* It doesn't specifically say, but I assume you are a halfling? It might make it easier for you if you went to the halfling page on the PRD and copied the entire text of the halfling abilities into a spoiler tag on your sheet so you have them for reference.

* As small creatures halflings get a +1 size bonus to hit and to AC. They also get a +4 size bonus to stealth, and a -1 penalty to CMD and CMB. If you look at my house rules they also give you bonuses to climb and swim.

* For skills, it would be nice if you could include a summary of where the points are coming from. For example:
acrobatics +9 (+1 rank, +3 class, +3 DEX, +2 race)

* See the link to the background skills rule in my above post. It's clear you haven't selected any.

* You should include the weights of your gear so you know what the total weight is. Watch out for size; armor and weapons for small characters weigh half as much as normal. In the gear section items with a little "1" beside the weight weight 1/4 the normal amount for you.

* Your "Child of the Temple" trait grants a +1 to two knowledge skills you don't have. Might want to rethink it. "Resilient" is a good one. I can't find "Lore Keeper" anywhere... can you provide a link? If you mean "Outlander: Lore Seeker" that is not a trait for the Rise of the Runelords campaign. You need to pick ones from the Runelords list unless you can convince me there's a good reason to give you a trait from a different campaign.

* Please list traits including the type of trait, and preferably a link, like this:
Resilient (combat) +1 to Fort saves

* If you want three traits you also need to take a drawback. Drawbacks are basically negative traits. If you don't want to take a drawback you should only take two traits. In addition to your normal traits you get a Caste Trait from my house rules. "Urban Poor" is good for a thief-type, but "Vagabond," "Guildsman," and even "Aristocrat" all could be reasonable, depending on what your character's story is.

Hopefully that will get you going.

Rune GM

Dotting! Will try to come up with something tonight.

Laurana Kanan wrote:
Alright, I will edit the background skills. Change it to Linguistics and write up a suitable reason for it.

Remember you get two background skill ranks, not just one. They can't both be put into the same skill, since as a first level character the maximum skill ranks per skill is one (your level). So that means you should have a total of eight skills with ranks (2+INT for your class = 6, + 2 for background = 8).

Knowledge (history) is an eligible background skill, which means that can be your other background skill and you could take the skill rank you would have put into that and invest it into something else, like knowledge (nature) or Appraise or Craft (shipbuilding) or something else.

Laurana Kanan wrote:
As for the Magical Lineage, you will let me use it on a spell that she has not learned yet?

Absolutely! This is how it is usually used.

Alright, she will use the lineage trait on disintegrate. Unless you think that is too much cheese. Lineage with spell perfection could be devastating. I avoided lineage with magic missile and glitterdust because A) everyone says to do that, and B) I think it is kind of dumb to try and trip everything.

One more question, will you be using mythic rules?

My trait, bonus one, will be savage =^^=

I'll apply with Denialan Salarei, a Kyoni noble who left his homeland to explore the ruins of Azlant. Background is still in the works and will probably be posted tonight (that is, tonight Israel time, in 5-7 hours). For now, please go over my sheet and tell me if there's anything that needs fixing or clarification.

And a bit on myself - I started playing Tabletop RPGs ~9 years ago, when DnD 4th came out, shortly thereafter started playing 3.5 and discovered Pathfinder around one year ago. I've had some experience with PbP, but not yet anything of an AP scale.

I did just that. I used the background skills: 1 on linguistics and 1 on history. I then took the rank from history and put it into shipbuilding. It goes well with her background. Thanks for that!

I'm interested in this. Thinking toward a ratfolk if it's ok. Not sure of the class yet, but most likely a ranged combatant.

Roakkad Shrikkir-tsha wrote:

There are truths whispered upon the wind, though most would dare not listen.

Roakkad Shrikkir-tsha, Scion of Gozreh
Shoanti Wizard (Spirit Whisperer)

Hello, Roakkad!

You definitely get bonus points for coming up with theme music for your character. :)

You background is well-written. You might want to break it up into "mini-chapters" with headings to make it easier to read.

The material is a bit messianic for my taste; you are pretty over-the-top with the "chosen one" routine. It would be perfect if this was a mythic campaign... which it isn't. The early part of the AP is pretty mundane for the "Son of God," and for the most part Gozreh wouldn't care that much about what the villains of the AP are up to. If you really want to put omens and portents in your background, I'd prefer their origin and meaning be more mysterious.

Is the Great Sky Spire in Kaer Maga your invention? I cannot find any reference to it. There are a lot of things in Kaer Maga, but a whole monastery of sky druids in that city seems unlikely. Who are the winged beings? And why did your tribe travel all the way across Varisia when they could have just found a nearby Shoanti group and joined them?

Yes, there are troll augurs in Kaer Maga, and they are famous. But they are more of a criminal organization than a legitimate religious group. They don't worship Gozreh or care about the Shoanti beyond their interest in having them as customers. I'm not saying that a character like Galjit couldn't exist, but if there is a troll prophet dedicated to Gozreh in your story, I'd like you to flesh it out a bit more why she has that role and why the Shoanti put up with one of their traditional enemies (giants) in their midst.

Overall, I think I'd prefer you to invent a place out of whole cloth rather than set this part of the story in Kaer Maga. Perhaps a hidden place high in the Kodar Mountains?

You mention Brodert Quink in your background. He is a useful guy to know, but he is not a wizard. He is a 7th-level expert with no magic abilities, so he wouldn't be teaching you magic. He's a historian. He might have ranks in use magic device but that's about it.

You also refer to "the inevitability of imperial conquest." If you are talking about the invasion of Shoanti lands by Chelaxians that period of history ended more than 100 years ago when the Chelaxian empire fell apart, and even then the rate of conquest had fallen to a trickle by that point. Most Shoanti will feel a bit of a grudge towards Chelaxians because of their past, but they generally feel that they have "stopped" the Chelaxian advance, and the wars ended generations ago. Shoanti and Chelaxians will clash a bit more in my Golarion than in the canon one, but it still doesn't happen that much any more. The timeline is also stretched out in this version of the world.

Don't take these criticisms too harshly. Overall I like the character but would want him brought into harmony with the campaign background.

Overall you have an interesting character mechanically. You've taken an unusual archetype and made it work. I don't think it is over-powered.

I appreciate that you are using links. Though I would personally prefer that you use the Archives of Nethys over d20pfsrd. The pfsrd is very slow to load now that they changed hosts and it doesn't list things like deities or ethnicities.

I am inclined to veto celestial healing, but since this spell requires a vial of holy water as a material component I would wonder if it is worth it for you. It will be expensive to use.

You have three feats listed. Don't forget that you traded away your human bonus feat for Dual Talent. So you should only have two, unless I am missing something. But if you look at the build rules and the Featless Crafting house rule, you will see that the Scribe Scroll feat no longer exists and you can make scrolls without it. You get to trade Scribe Scroll out for Spell Focus, which I think is actually good for your build.

Herolab puts all your skills on one line, but it would be better to put line breaks between them so you can show how those numbers are derived. Did you include background skills? It looks like you did. The bonus from the child of nature trait applies to all survival checks, not just for finding food.

I would recommend a separate avatar for your familiar but that can wait until the game begins.

Hope that is useful.

Rune DM

Grand Lodge

Putting together a Ranger. Would he be able to take the Savage social class trait even though he's not Shoanti? I'll go with Peasant if not, but it doesn't really fit either since he's spent his whole life as a trapper in the wilderness, occasionally visiting Sandpoint to trade with his (recently deceased) uncle who he learned the trade from and served as an apprentice to.

Laurana Kanan wrote:
Alright, she will use the lineage trait on disintegrate. Unless you think that is too much cheese.

Nope, that's fine. The only thing here is that this trait won't matter until you are at least 11th level. If you don't mind waiting that long then that's fine. Normally I would suggest a lower level spell for this reason.

Laurana Kanan wrote:
Lineage with spell perfection could be devastating.

Hmm... If you are planning to throw quickened disintegrate at 15th level with this combo, I'll have to think about it. Be advised that the majority of creatures in this AP at high levels have good fortitude saves.

Laurana Kanan wrote:
One more question, will you be using mythic rules?

Not a chance.

Gnome sorcerer, a gnome on the verge of bleaching has been a concept I've wanted to do for a while.

I'm thinking something along the lines of him having been a vagabond. When he came to sandpoint he somehow incured a large debt that he needed to pay off. His obligations kept him there for quite a while, to a gnome used to constantly experienceing new things this can be... Dangerous.

So yeah I'm interested. I'll slap a build together and get back to you with it soon.

Denialan: I'll have a look at your character when you are done.

Rannik: Yes, I have no problem with ratfolk. There aren't many in Sandpoint, but there will be ratfolk in any big city.

Gwahir777: Shoanti aren't the only barbarians, so there's nothing wrong with this. Note though that there aren't any especially good hunting areas immediately near Sandpoint. There is some hunting nearby but the areas are not that large and would be hard to live off full time. You would also be considered a poacher if you took any larger game there. There are some other spots that might be good and wouldn't get you into trouble but are full of goblins. The closest really "wild" areas nearby are the Mushfens to the south (about a two-day walk once you get across the river somehow), and the Fogscar mountains which are about three or four days walk to the northeast.

Rune GM

Grand Lodge

Fogscar Mountains might be a good idea. I know in American History there were trappers who took off all winter to live in the Rockies, and came back to "Civilization" in the summer to trade their pelts. I noticed there were some small forests in a Sandpoint Hinterlands map I found online, but couldn't tell if they were big enough to trap in. Since they aren't, I'll revise the backstory to reflect that.

Grand Lodge

Here is my submission.

Male Human Ranger 1
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +6,

Basic Statistics:

AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +3 Dex)
(AC in Melee is 17, touch 13, flat footed 14 (+3 armor, +1 shield, +3 Dex)
hp 11 (1d10)+1
Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +2

Speed 30 ft.
Ranged shortbow +4 (1d6/x3), within 30 ft. +5 (1d6+1)
Melee handaxe +3 (1d6+2/x3)
Special Attacks Humanoid (Goblinoid) +2,

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 16

Feats, Skills, Languages, and Possessions:

Point-Blank Shot - +1 on attack and damage within 30ft with ranged weapons.
Precise Shot – Negate the -4 penalty on ranged combat when target is in melee.

Climb +5 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Str, -1 Armor Check)
Heal +6 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Wis)
Intimidate +3 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, -1 Cha) [+4 against civilized folk]
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Int)
Knowledge (Nature) +6 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Int)
Perception +6 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Wis)
Stealth +6 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +3 Dex, -1 Armor Check)
Survival +7, (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Wis +1 Trait), [Follow or identify tracks+8] [Find Food +8]
Swim +5 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Str, -1 Armor Check)

Profession-Trapper +7 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Int, +1 Trait)
Knowledge (History) +6 (+1 Rank, +3 Class, +2 Int)

LANGUAGES - Common, Goblin, Orc

studded leather; outfit (traveler's); shortbow; arrow (x50); shield, light wooden; handaxe; skinning knife; Tribal Fetish (Guidance); Backpack, [Canteen ; blanket; mess kit; rations (trail/per day) (x4); whetstone; chalk (1 piece) (x6); mirror (small/steel); wire; 50gp, 10sp, 10cp] Weight 57.2 Ibs (light load is 58Ibs and under)

Special Abilities and Traits:

Bonus Feat - Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.

Heart of the Wilderness - Humans raised in the wild learn the hard way that only the strong survive. They gain a bonus equal to half their character level on Survival checks. They also gain a +5 bonus on Constitution checks to stabilize when dying and add half their character level to their Constitution score when determining the negative hit point total necessary to kill them. This racial trait replaces the skilled racial trait.

Favored Enemy Humanoid (Goblinoid) (Ex) - You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks when using these skills against goblinoids. Likewise, you get a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against such creatures. You may make Knowledge Skill checks untrained to identify such creatures.

Track (Ex) - You gain +1 to Survival checks made to follow tracks.

Wild Empathy (Ex) - You can improve the attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like Diplomacy check made to improve the attitude of a person. You roll 1d20+0 to determine the Wild Empathy check result. The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly. To use Wild Empathy, you and the animal must be within 30 feet of one another under normal circumstances. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute, but as with influencing people, it might take more or less time. You can use this ability to influence a magical beast with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, but you take a -4 penalty on the check.

Mentored (Profession (Trapper)) - A tutor or private instructor guided you in learning your art, profession, or trade, and through your education, you became capable of teaching and guiding others. Choose a single Craft, Perform, or Profession skill. You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks with that skill. You also gain a +1 trait bonus when you aid another's skill check with any skill.

Tireless Avenger - You restlessly pursue your enemies. When you're in pursuit of one of your favored enemies, the DC for the Constitution check to avoid taking lethal damage during a forced march is 10 + 1 per extra hour, instead of 10 + 2 per extra hour.

Savage - People from Sandpoint call you "barbarian," and think you primitive. You come from the wild lands beyond "civilization" and while the locals may think you ignorant, hard lives breed hard men and one of your kind is worth ten of theirs. You know how to survive where "civilized" men would wither and die. You gain +2 to survival checks to find food in the wild and +1 for any other survival checks. Survival and knowledge (nature) are always class skills for you. You also gain a +1 to intimidate checks against "civilized" folk, and attempts to intimidate you suffer a +2 to the DC. You may hustle for 1 extra hour in overland travel without negative effects. You begin play with a tribal fetish, a small bag full of ceremonial materials. It functions as a potion or oil of a 0-level spell, except that in order to activate it one crushes it or breaks it instead of drinking it.

Background and Personal Info:

Will’s father Edmun was trapper in the Fogscar Mountains, and his mother Silvi was a farmer’s daughter from Sandpoint that ran off with him. After getting married at the Windsong Abbey on their way up to the mountains, they settled into life, and soon had a baby boy. They named him Will after his mother’s father. Although no farmer is pleased to have his daughter run off to live in the mountains with a savage, his attitude softened somewhat when he met his grandson, and Will grew up spending late spring and early summer with his mother’s family, and the rest of the year living in the mountains.

Will loved the mountains and forests, and quickly took to trapping and hunting with his father. He became pretty good with a bow, and learned how to set snares and fish in the lakes. Often during the early fall when his father would set out to set the first traps of the year, Will would fish in the mountain lakes and streams to build up a supply of smoked fish for the winter. During his sixteenth year while he was out fishing, a small band of Goblins found his father’s cabin and attacked, killing his mother and ransacking the house. Will and his Father set out to track down the goblins and bring vengeance upon their heads. For three days Will and Edmun followed them until they finally found them. Setting traps around the goblin camp, they began to rain arrows on the unsuspecting goblins. Several died, and several more got caught in the traps as they tried to flee, but handful of them turned with their weapons and attacked the two trappers. Will tried his best to fend up of the goblins, but soon found he was no match for the three that were trying to gang up on him. In a fit of anger his father Edmun stepped in and cut down two of them were they stood, as the goblin attacking him drove a knife into his back. Watching his father collapse with a knife sticking out of his back lent Will a cold anger and he quickly struck down the goblin in front of him with his hatchet, and then parried the last remaining goblin’s club stroke and buried his hatchet in the creature’s chest.

With ruthless efficiency, he killed the trapped goblins, and returned to his home. He continued trapping and hunting as his father before him, but he also began to go out of his way to hunt down goblins, and quickly learned how to track them and kill them efficiently. He even gave some thought to hunting Goblins in the Mushfens, although the idea of living in a swamp help no appeal to him, so he continued his life in the mountains, coming back to Sandpoint to trade. He certainly never thought he’d find adventure in Sandpoint, but life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you.

I’m relatively new to Play by Post. I’m playing two games right now, both as clerics. One is Dragon’s Demand, and one is a Campaign set in Victorian England. Off and on, I’ve played pen and paper tabletop games since 2003. I have also played my fair share of D&D based video games like BG, NWN, and DDO. I have never played a Rise of the Runelords game.

Rune GM:

Thanks for your detailed feedback for Roakkad!

Let me preface by saying that I read this AP a few years ago and, while I've forgotten the details of most of the encounters, I am familiar with the overall plot.

I certainly understand Roakkad comes across as a bit "Mary Sue" as written. He was created for a version of RotRT where each of the six PCs was actually a "champion" of one of the six deities represented within the Sandpoint Cathedral, sent to battle against the dark forces of you-know-who. Roakkad was the chosen of Gozreh, obviously. When I created his story, his relationship with his deity was much more obscure, but that GM encouraged stronger, more explicit ties to the deities to fit the "tone" of his campaign.

This is obviously your campaign and you're entitled to your own interpretation of the AP, and I don't mind reigning in the extreme elements of my backstory. But to do the character justice, the amount of time required to create a quality re-write that conforms with each of your points really isn't possible for me to accomplish before your deadline. Maybe we can find middle ground on some of these issues, and if I'm chosen (teehee) we can work together next week to bring the story in line? Here are some ideas off the top of my head.

1. Chosen of Gozreh I am perfectly happy removing the specific references go Gozreh and making the driving force behind the omens something much more vague. That would actually be preferable for a "spirit whisperer" wizard. E.g. "whispers on the wind" are a recurring theme for him. If you see the AP to its conclusion, Roakkad will end up a level 16/17 wizard? That's practically demi-god status in its own right! Why couldn't the source of such power be a little push from an unidentified deity, especially if I'm focusing on nature-themed spells?

2. Use of Kaer Maga. I selected Kaer Maga because it's such a whimsical, fantastic city and I've been enthralled with it ever since I glanced over Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers. I also chose it because I know that the events of RotR do not take place within its walls, so I knew I'd be safe in fabricating elements for my backstory. The urban flavor is also a nice contrast to the tribal culture of the Shoanti, and that dichotomy reflected the dualism of Gozreh. You're correct that all the characters and events from my background are made up. But given that the AP has only incidental connections to that city, what harm is there in creating these elements? Unless you plan on making Kaer Maga more significant in your telling of the AP?

3. Presence in Sandpoint. Like Gozreh, references to the Sandpoint Cathedral and Father Zantus could be replaced with something much more generic. Roakkad might have spent his brief time in Sandpoint working as an assistant to Brodert Quinck, sweeping floors and scribing scrolls. I can change my caste trait accordingly.

4. Shoanti as persecuted class. Again, as GM you get to create a version of Golarion to your liking. But we must strike a gentleman's disagreement on the point that modern Shoanti feel "only a bit of a grudge" toward Chelaxians. See AP #10 A History of Ashes, where war among three Shoanti tribes and an invasion into Korvosa itself seems imminent! It's also notable that in a certain ancient kingdom, the Shoanti were used as slaves, and the richness of a Shoanti wizard now rising up to fight against you-know-who is just too much fun! Anyway, that aspect didn't see much light in my brief opportunity to play Roakkad, and I don't plan to make much of it, anyway. Which leads me to....

5. Special snowflake status. I have no intention of playing Roakkad to be better or more powerful than anyone else's character, at least mechanically. I have been dealing with a player in another game who feels the need to "be the best" at everything, and I know that it is a pain in the neck. From a roleplay perspective, I see him as very vulnerable and unsure of himself. He is spoiled, however, raised among his tribesmen as a favored of the druids and mystics in Kaer Maga. But he is only a teenager, and still a boy pretending to be a man. And while he might expect respect in many instances, that doesn't mean he should receive it :).

As to crunch: the Alertness feat is a result of my familiar being within arm's reach. Celestial healing can be replaced with grease or something else useful. Scribe Scroll looks like it will be replaced with spell focus, my familiar does indeed have her own avatar, and i'll make the other changes (links, skills) this week.

Does this allay some of your concerns? Do you feel there is anything that must be "corrected" before you could consider Roakkad for your game? Again, thank you for the time invested in considering this submission!

Alright, I've written up the flavour for Denialan. I'm sure there's plenty to improve, and I want to hear your opinion.

Still formatting her profile and writing up her background...

But presenting Aerid Llach, Halfling Rogue.

Would a Saurian Shaman Druid be acceptable? I know some GMs dislike having dinosaurs in their campaigns. If you don't want that, I can always just go Goliath Druid.

It's still a work in progress, but this is Colvyn "Slick" Dashtail, Warpriest of Erastil. I'll get more together later.

How do you feel about animal companion archetypes? Bodyguard specifically.

I want to make the Tortoise useful and that seems to be the way to do it.

Rune, as a barbarian/savage caste person, would Kargas be illiterate in your world?

Cleaned up her profile and added more to her background. Her basic personality is warm-hearted and good natured. She can be quite excitable and a staunch ally to those she calls friends. She frequently looks before she leaps assumming her friends are following close behind. She will be a skill-monkey and trap finder. Her melee will be respectable especially if she can get in flanking position. She isn't optimized by any means, but is well rounded.

As for her background, she has amnesia and a bit of dementia. She doesn't recall anything prior to be attacked by giants a couple of years ago. She didn't remember who she was, how she got there or what happened. She only found herself and a short sword that is also a holy symbol of Chaldira Zuzaristan, the halfling goddess of battle, luck and mischief. In her delusional world, she now thinks that she is the goddess herself that has taken mortal form. She searches for the goddess's friend, Desna, whom she also believes has taken a mortal form.

As for progression, it will depend on how the AP plays out. I intend to keep her as a rogue for at least 4-5 levels. From there she may turn more martial, or she may find that she has a sorcerer bloodline... although a straight rogue is the most likely.

As for myself, I've been playing RPG's since 1978 and AD&D. I've been playing PF since 2011 and have been active on these boards for about 3 years. I'm currently playing in an Emerald Spire campaign and running a homebrew one. I also dabble in PFS on these boards from time to time.

Also, I took the clergy caste as it seemed most appropriate. Although she is not trained as a priest; knows little of religion; and thinks she's a goddess. So, it is not a perfect fit, but seemed the best choice.

Thanks for your feedback Rune GM. I will continue to look for a different spell. I dont want to break the game or the character.

Wow, a lot of responses.

OK, let's process one at a time.


Is your character an admiral?


Okay, your character looks pretty straightforward. I take it you are going for a fairly straight archery ranger. Nothing wrong with that.

I'd recommend using a buckler shield rather than a light shield since you can still use a bow while wearing one.

Do you plan to have an animal companion?

Your backstory is pretty straightforward, but it seems fairly bare-bones to me. You might want to add a few more details. Such as:

Was your father's family always trappers in the mountains? If so, do you have any other family there? What is their ethnic background? (BTW, your name would normally mean that the character is of Chelaxian descent, which is the "normal default.") If your father was the first in his family to go there, where was he from? Why did he choose that life?

Does your mother's family still live in Sandpoint? Give me details about them - what are they like, what do they do. Give me names.

Is there anyone else you know in Sandpoint? If you spend the springs and summers there you probably have a regular watering-hole and a few things like that.

FYI in case it is useful to you, the Turandarok river that flows through Sandpoint has its headwaters in the south end of the Fogscars. It flows south for a while and then turns roughly west. Riverboats travel this river, including some Varisian caravan-boats.

Rune GM

I like your character and don't want to be too critical, but some things are just too overdone for me. Obviously I don't want this adventure to turn into someone's ego trip.

* I have no problem with your character being devoutly religious, but quite frankly, Gozreh would see the conflict in the AP as one human against another and really wouldn't care. If Karzoug returns, so what? One human kingdom replaces another; happens all the time. Gozreh doesn't care about good and evil. Only the good deities (and maybe the giant deities) would really be concerned about the Runelords.

* The Shoanti don't remember that they were a slave class, and would usually be pretty offended if you told them that. Most of them think that Thassilon was their kingdom, and it's achievements were theirs. The spirits of the dead who do remember have been dead for so long that contacting them is very difficult.

* HOWEVER, seeing as you are part of the hawk clan and your spirit animal is a hawk, if could be that some Ancestral spirits have become concerned for the fate of the Shoanti and sent the hawk to you. They might sense the spiritual effects of the Runewells opening up. But they are likely too distant to communicate in words.

* I definitely may make Kaer Maga a part of the adventure, as I did with my home game. Partly because it is a pretty neat place.

* Riddleport is a city that is very close to Hawk Clan territory and Roderic's Cove is aligned with Riddleport. Your "Sky Spire" thing would be unlikely to be there, but Gozreh is also a god of the sea and sailors tend to venerate him. As a port there are plenty of sailors in Riddleport.

* I have no problem with your use of Father Zantus. Father Zantus is a priest of Desna though so if you want to come up with a name for the local priest of Gozreh be my guest. Zantus is the "head" priest but there is at least one cleric for each deity represented there. The main worshippers of Gozreh in Sandpoint are sailors and fishermen who pray for good weather.

* Being Quink's "assistant" would not be a problem, though he doesn't really have the money to pay much (if at all). If you just wanted to learn from him that would be fine. This would make sense if your character was fascinated by Thassilonian relics - that's really all Quink is good for. He's written into the module just in case nobody has Knowledge (history).

* What I want with the Shoanti is for a Shoanti character to be able to walk down the streets of Sandpoint without the locals screaming and yelling "Injuns!". The wars need to be seen as a thing of the past, at least for most people. The Storval rise presents a very effective natural barrier between the Shoanti and the Chelaxian realms. Only in the western areas (which includes the Hawk Clan territory BTW) do the Shoanti still hold territory in the lowlands. So overall I see the typical Shoanti attitude to be one much like the average modern day Native American; they resent the fact that the white man now owns most of the lands that once belonged to their ancestors, but they generally don't think that there's much they can do about it beyond keeping them out of the lands that are still theirs.

I don't know about the stuff in AP #10; I don't own that one.

Anyway, see what you can do and let me know when to have another look.

Rune DM

Rune GM wrote:
Do you plan to have an animal companion?

I do, wild blooded sylvan sorcerer, though after thinking about it a bit I can get pretty much everything I want with a point into Int at 4HD. Disregard.

alexgndl: I have no problem with the Saurian shaman. Note that you won't see many dinosaurs in this AP. The climate is a little cool for them in Varisia, though there might be some in the Mushfens.

derpdidruid: I have no problem with animal companion archetypes either.

Kargas: It's up to you. I don't want to force illiteracy on a character but if you think it makes sense, go for it. Read magic could still be used to decipher scrolls, I suppose. If you want to start as an illiterate character, you can have a bonus skill rank, but literacy will count as an extra language for you.

Actually, that sounds like a good general house rule. So that applies to everyone else too.


Thank you for your response. The issue is now clearer. It seems we have a fundamental disagreement over the status of the Shoanti in Varisia. As I said, you're entitled to your own version of events in this AP. It's perhaps unfortunate that I am so involved in Curse of the Crimson Throne, as the Shoanti are given much more attention in that story, and those details are surely to blame for my opinion on the matter. This clearly does not comport with your conception of Varisia.

All this might not be so bad, except that the status of Shoanti in that nation is a substantial factor in what makes Roakkad, well Roakkad. Telling me to dilute that fundamental sense of dischord is tantamount to asking for another character.

And so I think it's best that I withdraw from this recruitment, and instead wait for a GM whose thinking is more in line with my own. No hard feelings. Best of luck with your game.

Character is basically done, just need to finish up background stuff (which I will finish tomorrow), catch a few last tidbits. Please let me know if you have any problems with the formatting.

Liberty's Edge

Ok, I would love to throw my hat into this arena with a character who started a RotR game many years ago. Seems that most die out before you finish the first book...don't know why. Anyway, I will post my character for your approval and just a warning...I use HeroLab as well :)

Roakkad Shrikkir-tsha wrote:
And so I think it's best that I withdraw from this recruitment, and instead wait for a GM whose thinking is more in line with my own. No hard feelings. Best of luck with your game.

Sorry to hear that.

Obviously RotRL and CotCT are very different adventures. There really is no significant Shoanti/Chelaxian tension written into this AP at all, and there are several Shoanti NPCs who are citizens of Sandpoint. One is even the Captain of the Guard. I'm really not changing anything here.

I hope you find a home for your character.

Rune GM.


Okay, mechanically things look mostly okay.

My first thought is: are you really okay with having a CON penalty? It feels like that is pretty risky. I know you probably don't aim to be in melee, but 7 HP seems very frail. You seem to be going for a "smart" bard character, but I might be inclined to shave a couple points off INT and give them to CON. You get a lot of bonuses to knowledge so a high INT isn't as important for bards. Or you could drop WIS, though that would affect Perception and Will Saves. Maybe you could also give your FCB to HP instead of skills. You have a lot of skills and don't have to cover every knowledge skill at 1st level.

Fate's favored will improve Archaeologist's Luck which makes it a decent combo. I don't have a problem with it. I don't feel it is as good as regular bardic performance since you don't share it with everyone else, but you get a bonus to a lot more things at once, like saves and skills.

The trapfinding feature will be useful if there isn't a rogue. If you are going to be the party trapfinder you might want to look for ways to boost your perception (though you don't need to do that right away).

If you check the house rules you will note that a longbow is now an exotic weapon. Instead of automatically getting proficiency, elves consider it a martial weapon instead of exotic. So as a bard you are not proficient, but you can just use a shortbow instead. The difference is mostly just 1d6 instead of 1d8 damage. And you save some money.

It is also worth it for you to know that you can use DEX to hit in melee without the weapon finesse feat as a combat option, though for you this will mean a -1 to damage without the feat. Might be worth grabbing a shortsword or rapier.

For languages you might want consider some human ethnic languages instead of Celestial for example. The main ones you would encounter are Chelaxian, Varisian, and occasionally Shoanti. The "common tongue" is actually Taldane.

Overall your story is fine, though you haven't left me much to work with as far as dropping in plot hooks that could get worked in as part of the adventure.

Some things I might suggest:

* You mention that "Denialan was born under Desna's blessing of luck and travel." Can you give details? You don't refer back to this ever again, and it seems you are not a worshiper of Desna.
* Do you have any siblings? Are you on bad terms with any of them?
* Did you have a lover in Kyonin? Perhaps your parents had arranged a marriage for you, which you have basically rejected?
* Was there a specific teacher you had that taught you about Thassilonian lore?
* Did the wizard that cast teleport on you have a name? Perhaps he expects some kind of favor from you in the future for this service?
* Is there anyone of note you met once you arrived in Magnimar? What about Sandpoint? Had you just arrived when the "fun" begins?

As far as getting to Sandpoint goes, It is unlikely that you would have seen a pamphlet for the festival. They aren't advertised, and Magnimar has its own festivities; it is a general Desnan holiday everywhere Desna is worshiped. Perhaps you wanted to see the Old Light in Sandpoint?

Rune GM

Rig Veda:

A Strength based bard! I like the idea. Looks like you are planning an intimidate build. Is that right?

Double check your math in the Defense Section. The numbers don't match. I think the actual values are correct and the numbers you have in the formulas are wrong.

Offense: don't forget to add your STR bonus to your weapons. You might want some thrown weapons if you want more damage at range.

Race: Because of a house rule, all planetouched races (including ifrits) count as humanoids with the outsider subtype. This means instead of knowing the Ignan language (which you will probably never use) you get a human ethnic language (probably Kelish?).

This also means that the "Mostly Human" alternate racial trait is rendered rather redundant. If you want this feature you will have to give up some other race feature since you can't give up a type you no longer have. Possibly the spell-like ability. You can choose which one, actually. Even if your character looks human there should be something about him that a perceptive person might notice that shows his background. Maybe the eyes?

As a freebie you can give yourself a +2 racial bonus to perform (dance). It fits with your background.

You don't need to list skills if they have no ranks or other modifiers.

Considering your background you can swap rapier proficiency with scimitar if you want.

You may have robbed yourself here - according to the build rules you start with your average gold by class or 150 gp whichever is more. So you start with 150 gp. You haven't put prices for your stuff but it doesn't look like 150 gp to me.

I don't have any problems with your character concept overall.

But you really haven't left me anything that I can use. You haven't named a single NPC in your background, not family, friends, mentors, enemies, etc. Ideally there should be one or two unresolved issues in your background.

You are also very vague about how you got from Qadira to Magnimar. I have no problem with someone like that but give me some details.

While you're at it a separate entry for personality and appearance would be good.

Rune GM

Throwing down a dot for a human [url=]Tetori[/i] monk, a savage and wild grappler.
Would you be willing to let that archetype work with unchained? Just wondering my options.
I figure it would be fun to play around your feat tax and combat maneuver houserules :)

Aerid Llach:

Unchained Rogue is a solid class and you don't need to optimize much to make it very effective. So I'm glad you spread your points around a bit to make yourself a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.

Trapfinding doesn't hurt but it may or may not be necessary, so if you wanted to take an archetype that trades out the ability that would be fine. Without that ability you can still detect mundane traps and disable them.

Overall the math for the crunch looks good.

Can you include a link to where I can read about "halfling rope shot?" I have no problem with the punching dagger, though it is a bit weird that it is consecrated to Desna. Desna's sacred weapon is the starknife.

Your caste trait should indicate the environment in which you were raised. It will be apparent to others in your mannerisms and in the way you dress. Unless your parents actually were priests, academics, or magicians it doesn't make sense for you to take it. You can be religious all you want without the trait.

BTW, if you choose to change classes later, I will expect the transition to be roleplayed. You won't suddenly wake up in a dungeon with a level of wizard; you need to have found a teacher and been studying it for a while.

The amnesia thing can work, but it would be good if there were a few more clues to your origin. You could have a locket with a picture of someone you don't remember in it. You could have found a note in your pocket that said something like "Meet me at the oak tree stump tomorrow at sunset. You won't regret it. -Danek" You would not know how long you have had this note. Things like that.

Does your character know that her name is Aerid Llach? Or is this a nickname? Whatever your character's real name is, your avatar name should be the name that people in Sandpoint know you by. It would be a good idea for this to be some kind of nickname and you could come up with a story about how you got the name.

Is there anyone else in Sandpoint that you know? Make up names.

The thing about being crazy and thinking you are a goddess... I can see that being funny but I can also see it annoying people. It depends on how you want to play it and if you are good at comedy. I would like to see a sample post to see if you can carry it off.

Do you expect your character will "snap out of it" at any point? What kinds of things would have to happen in the adventure for this to happen?

BTW, a punching dagger looks like THIS. They tend to have broad blades. Little tricky to use it as a hair pin, but they are sometimes concealed in things like belt buckles.

Rune GM

Gobo Horde wrote:

Throwing down a dot for a human [url=]Tetori[/i] monk, a savage and wild grappler.

Would you be willing to let that archetype work with unchained?

The trick is that the Tetori trades out abilities that the Unchained Monk no longer has.


A lot of them are ki powers. If you were forgoing a ki power at the level where the ability of the original monk was gained then that could be doable. This would change when some of the abilities show up since ki powers are only gained at even-numbered levels (Break Free would be gained at 6th rather than 5th for example).

Be advised though that at mid-high levels there are a lot of large and huge creatures that have good CMDs.

Laurana Kanan wrote:
Thanks for your feedback Rune GM. I will continue to look for a different spell. I dont want to break the game or the character.

My recommendation would be something around 2nd to 4th level, so you will still have the chance to use the trait for most of the game. FYI the end of the AP usually comes at about 18th level.

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