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Doesn't this new spell make Sacred Bond obsolete. I mean with Sacred Bond you have to have two gold bracelets worth at least 100 gp as part of the spell and Healing token only requires holy symbols, not a certain value. The other part is the you can only cast conjuration (heal) spells through Sacred Bond wheres with Healing Token it can be in healing spell or ability as long as its not long than a standard action. Also the spell level for clerics is one lower for the new spell. the main difference i see is that the target has to activate the holy symbol as a standard for you to do immediate action to heal. But you can have 1 holy symbol / 3 levels. And also the range of Sacred bond is limited to close range where it is not one listed for Healing tokens that you only receive a silent plea for healing and you can act on it.
My question is this getting errata for higher spell slot, higher component cost, limit on its range, etc? Currently my GM is not allowing me to take it for my character(s), because of it making a current spell obsolete and I do understand this so I am seeing if any possible adjustments are coming.

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No. You hit on one of the issues, it requires the target to use her standard action to request the healing. Essentially shifting it from your action to her action. So somewhat of a wash on action economy for single-target spells.

The bigger issue is the range, I think you may have missed this part

Healing Token wrote:
...In either case, to use the ability or cast the spell through this spell, you must be able to include or target that creature...

If you attempt to heal with cure moderate wounds, the only way you can target her is if she is adjacent to you as cure moderate wounds is a touch spell. Sacred bond has a different purpose - it makes all healing spells close range.

Healing token is still a pretty useful spell, especially for a cleric who channels a lot, but it doesn't get really powerful until you can cast mass cure light wounds. And it never obsoletes sacred bond.

This is actually a pretty well thought-out spell:

  • A cleric could spontaneously convert any spell into a cure spell or an oracle could cast it, but neither can add Reach Metamagic to it as that would make it a full-round action.
  • You don't have to provide the healing immediately, just by the end of your next turn. So you can move, then heal as a swift (immediate) and then have your standard left
  • The "one per three levels" limitation means that even by the time you get mass cure light wounds you can only affect 3 targets. At lower levels it limits the advantage of a cleric or life oracle. If you are level 5, do you really want to burn one of your channels just to heal one target for 3d6 damage? (Maybe. Sometimes.)
  • If you really want to you can cast both sacred bond and healing token, in which case it's quite good (since you can now legally target your ally with touch spells from close range). But in that case you are using up a fair number of spell slots and the spells are working synergisticly; it won't work as well without both.

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