Weapon quality: Awesome Blow

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Liberty's Edge

Would you allow a bludgeoning weapon that delivers an Awesome Blow (as the monster feat) on a critical hit in your game?
What an equivalent would this weapon be? +3, +4 or +5?

Silver Crusade

If it only triggers on a critical I'd have it be just a +1, most if not all bludgeoning weapons I know of only threaten on a 20.

And you'd still have to succeed the combat maneuver as well, not that'd be hard, but still.

Brawlers get it as a class feature so I see no reason it can't be on a magic item. Well, it makes brawlers feel a little less special, but not if it only functions on a crit. I'd probably call it +2.

Also, flagging this to move to Advice forum.

Silver Crusade

Huh, I forgot Brawlers get it.

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