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The wind howled down from the crags like wolves, ravenous and sharp-toothed, stirring the deep mist between the trees, and in the valley below, the villagers shuddered. "An ill wind," the whispers said. What foul tidings blew down from high above, where Castle Ravenloft perched upon the mountain, ominous and dark? No one in Barovia had to ask.

The devil Strahd stirred.

I'm running Curse of Strahd in 5e as a PBEM (NOT PBP) based out of Yahoo Groups, and we're still early in the mod. I'm looking for a replacement player, as we're down to 3. Ex-PCs can be taken over, or a new PC can have been lured from the Forgotten Realms into Barovia by the Vistani. (We had a Vistani PC once, but I think it would be best to stay away from that in the future.)

The ex-PCs are:
Ascal Weaver, human wizard 3
Grey Jatan, tiefling monk 3
Dante Hatalithil, half-elf paladin of devotion (Torm) 3

If you do pick an ex-PC to take over, you'll need to familiarize yourself with their personality; other changes that don't dramatically alter the character are acceptable.

The current PCs are:
Perdita Imogen, half-elf rogue 1 paladin (Lathander) 2
Brother Attero Dominatus, human cleric of war (Torm) 3
Lissa, human barbarian 1 druid 2

Fair warning: My work has ramped up, so this isn't currently a fast game, but it chugs along. The party is currently in the town of Vallaki.

House rules:

- We use standard 5e point buy for abilities.

- PHB/Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide races/classes only, no 3pp. Note: No options that grant flight.

- Since we won't be on a board with a dice roller, either I handle the dice rolls in the background, or you can roll on our Paizo thread.

- No evil alignments. Also no evil alignments masquerading as other alignments. I prefer to work with heroes.

I'll let the recruitment run for a few weeks, since it seems hard to get people interested in non-pbp games.


Do we have to take an ex-pc, or can we make a new character?

You can make a new PC, lured into Barovia from the Forgotten Realms by the Vistani.

What books are allowed? What about UA?

PHB/SCAG only.

No UA. Shame.

Well, probably an elf Eldritch Knight or Bladesinger.

PS. Sorry that I missed the note on allowed books.

PSS. How are you on the elven longsword? (Just a longsword that loses versatile and gains finesse)

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Is the group public so that people can read earlier posts from the absent PCs?

XanaverForgedawn: I'm fine with elven longswords.

Christopher Dudley: The group should be public. You can find it here. If anyone has trouble accessing it, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Sweet. I'll be a high elf bladesinger.

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Kamaloo wrote:

XanaverForgedawn: I'm fine with elven longswords.

Christopher Dudley: The group should be public. You can find it here. If anyone has trouble accessing it, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for linking. I can see the group, but can't read the posts.

Pretty interested in playing a Wizard.

I'll get something up soon.

May we use the Curse of Strahd Character Options for background?

Christopher Dudley: I have some things to do today, but I'll take a look at the group settings tomorrow at the latest.

CircadianRythms: CoS character options are fine.

Okay, apparently it's no longer an option on YG for non-members to view the messages. We have a support website with a story archive that you can view here.

i am interested in playing a bard

I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

No takers?

Interested, but no character:
CircadianRythms - wizard
david barker - bard
XanaverForgedawn - elf bladesinger

I would like to throw my hat in. I would be willing to start any of my characters over as they have not been very developed much.

Great! What characters do you have in mind?

Given that you already have a druid and a lot of up close players.

https://www.tavern-keeper.com/character/8171 - warlock (neutral)
https://www.tavern-keeper.com/character/7951 - rogue (probably going to go throwing knives)
https://www.tavern-keeper.com/character/7775 - wizard
https://www.tavern-keeper.com/character/7781 - wizard familiar (flavored bat)

I can re crunch the characters to fit in with the group! Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for posting your characters, Dessarin. I've asked my players if they have a preference.

@Dessarin. I think the Warlock would be the best pick. We need a silver-tongued devil to talk our way both into, and out of, trouble. ^_^

That Warlock won't likely beat my +7 Deceit.

We've got two full fighters: Brother Attero and Lissa,....
We've got a back-up fighter with sick Deceit, Persuasion & Knowledge Skills, Perdita Imogen

Full Healing & Full Casting are what we need.

I think the Wizard is a better choice.

Hey folks!

So there's me, and a friend, who's not on the boards here (yet), so I'll let you know what we're looking at.

Quick question: It looks like you have a number of side-healers (Cleric, Paladin, Druid levels). Do you REALLY need a full healer?

And a high Deciet is one thing, how's the group's Diplo? Do we need a Face for when we're being honest?

Pending your input, we're looking at the following possibilities:

Character 1:

H/E Bard of Lore (Caster)
H/E Sorceror/Warlock (Dragon/Fire Blaster)

Character 2:

Druid - Circle of the Land (Caster/Side Healer)
Cleric (Nature) (Caster/Side Healer)
Some Kind of Arcane Caster That Isn't A Bard

But I'm not married to any of these (Character 2) options just yet. If the Sorc/Warlock option for Char 1 happens, I'm less likely to go Arcane.

I suspect that Attero isn't intended to be that much of a healy-type, and the others aren't really healing-focused at the moment either. With that in mind, some form of healing wouldn't be bad.

Perdita's Persuasion is almost as good as her Deception, but again, having more than one person who could deal with that wouldn't be bad.

As an update:

Character 1 is 90% likely to be the H/E Bard of Lore (Full caster with some side healing capacity)

Character 2 is likely to be either a Fighter crossbow specialist with a Cleric (Tempest) dip, or a Cleric (Tempest) crossbow specialist with a Fighter dip.

Neither will be a primary healer, but if most/all of the PCs have a heal or two in them between each Long Rest, we should be OK.

Looking forward to it!

I can come up with a healer pretty quick

Um, since it's become a thing,

Perdita Imogen Skills:

Deception +7
Religion +7

Persuasion +5
Investigation +5
History +5
Arcana +5
Nature +5

Insight +2

And then the others based only on Ability Score modifier, such as Performance +3; Athletics +2 and Perception +0.

By the powers of Torm, Mitra, and Set, please don't play a bard. (I've never seen a bard played well, in any setting in any system. And this PbE needs a bit more glue than most. IMHO. YMMV.)

I like the StormCleric with a fighter dip. Fighters are fine, but they can get a bit monotonous to play. At least with a StormCleric you can at least do different things. And with PbE, you really gotta keep yourself psyched, since the bells and whistles of Paizo aren't there to support you.

Bards are, in my opinion, actually one of the best-built classes in 5e, and can be very easy to play. An incredibly versatile class. They CAN also suck, but they definitely don't have to.

Also, as a side note, I've been playing PbE for 15+ years. In fact, one game I'm in (with this current GM) just celebrated its 14-year anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, it's different, but everything is. You just learn to adapt (both PbE and PbP are VERY different from live table gaming, too).

I'm not the one playing the Bard, but I think we'll be OK. :-)

Meanwhile I'm so preoccupied with my PaizoCon vacation in two weeks I've let my three PbPs (including this one) be put on a back burner.

Every time I get a few free minutes to play on The Boards I spend it all checking PaizoCon threads for updates-- looking at events, talking to other attendees, hoping to get selected in the lottery to play in James Jacobs' Saturday game and Greg Vaughan's Friday game, wondering how much I'll have to offer someone to take their place in James Jacobs' game if I don't get picked in the lottery, etc., etc.

....I have a feeling Perdita Imogen is only going to post a couple times more before PaizoCon and that it'll be after my vacation when I can fully get back to my three PbP campaigns.

While I can, intellectually, understand your pain, I suspect that you'll understand if I can't *quite* empathize with it. :-)

I hope you have an amazing time!

It's the day-and-a-half before PaizoCon that I'm spending in Vegas that really hurts. I'm just so preoccupied with my helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon my first few hours in Vegas that's keeping me from thinking straight.

OK, I'm closing the recruitment. Dessarin, if you're still interested, let me know. i.jason is good to go, and his friend is in too.

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