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So I went to my first PFS session in person (second pfs session in general). I would have loved it if not for two seven year old kids joining in and simply being beyond annoying and having little attention span or respect for other players.

From the sounds of it they will start showing up at all of the local events... Awesome. Where can I get info on how/when to play through roll20? I know I've joined a pfs through there a loooooooong time ago.

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Welcome to Pathfinder and the Society. The role-playing guild has its own section on these forums for exactly these kinds of questions. In fact, here's a link to a recent inquiry similar to yours:


There's plenty of online play available, as long as your schedule allows for some flexibility.

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You might want to talk with the organizer and see if you can get put at a different table (if you have multiple tables)

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