Anyone paint the new Deep Cuts line?


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Has anyone sat down and actually painted one of these pre-primed minis? I would love to see some examples and any tips you may have.

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No one? /sad panda

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I have to admit, I wasn't even aware of this product.

I'd be interested to hear of people's experience too.


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There are a few youtube tutorial/reviews using them

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I'm pretty new to painting. I've only painted a dozen-ish within the last couple years. I love the detail and the low-cost for this new line--it's simply incredible, if you ask me.

I picked up the clear hell hounds--I left them unpainted for a couple months because I was wary of how well (or not well) they would remain translucent. I mentioned this to the guy at the game store and he mentioned that vallejo has some translucent paints (I probably could have gotten the same effect with watering down some of the paint that I already had, but these worked much better than I hoped they would).

I started with the clear red with the first one. It went on too thick and looked pink. Not happy with the result, I mixed equals parts clear red and clear yellow to make an orange and based coated the second hound with that one. It turned out much better. At this point I took a tooth brush with soap and warm water to the red one. I wanted to clean it to get it in a state to apply the orange to it, to my surprise, the red mellowed out from "pink" back to what I'd originally hoped it would be. On the red one, I brushed on a small amount of the orange around its feet.

So at this point I had a transparent orange hound and a transparent red hound. I brushed black down the spine/tail to make that opaque and then dry brushed on black on a lot of the muscles to give it some definition, more black towards the spine, less black close to the feet. I then painted their collars, one metallic and one bronze (happy accident for the bronze--apparently mettalic + smoke (smoke is basically clear black/black wash) equals bronze).

I also picked up the unicorn and thought it went well. I painted it white--I figured it would be hard to do well, but apparently white (along with black) is the hardest to do. I won't go through the step-by-step as it's not as unique because it's not clear.

Here's some images my paints.
First coat on the dogs (clear orange and clear red)
Dogs with the black on back
I don't have pics of the completed dogs (collars and bases done)


I also picked up the familiars pack. It has an Imp, a dragonling thing (gonna paint mine like a pseudodragon because I have an eldritch fighter planned out with one of those), and I believe the last is a mephit--but the mephit is another clear mini, so that's why I bought it after how well the hell hounds turned out.

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Nice work. I need to get to painting :)

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