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Sorry to ask something that is probably rather elementary to those well versed in the Pathfinder rules, but I am not.

I have recently started playing a Ninja in tabletop. I practically always play spellcasters, so never knew this part of the rules.

My Ninja is level 3 with 3 natural attacks. The question is, if I get a sneak attack and use a full round action to attack with all 3 natural weapons, do all 3 get the 2d6 sneak attack extra damage or just the first?
And is the same true for other similar situations where a ninja or rogue gets surprise and has more than one attack.

I know if an opponent is flat footed all 3 of my natural attacks would do 1d3 + 2d6.

Sneak Attack damage can apply to all attacks as long as the conditions are met: flat-footed or denied Dex bonus to AC, able to see the enemy clearly, within 30 ft if ranged, etc. There is no limit on how often you can inflict SA damage.

OK thanks.

Liberty's Edge

The exception is that sneak attack is only applied once to a spell that gives multiple simultaneous attacks, like scorching ray.

If you're getting a sneak attack from invisibility then you appear after the first attack and don't get sneak damage on your second attack.

Scarab Sages

Stealth also breaks after the first attack. But if you're getting sneak attack from flanking or otherwise denying dex to AC or making the target flat footed then it applies to all attacks that you make that meet the condition.

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