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I seem to recall a feat that allows a PC to wear more than one ring on the same hand. Am I hallucinating this or does it exist? I have a player who is wanting to know.

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I don't know of such a thing in Pathfinder, but I may have missed something in the endless stream of products.

That said, rings have nothing to do with hands - a marilith, a kasatha, and a hook-handed (human) pirate all have two ring slots.

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It may be a 3PP object. But since she's none of the three examples above, as I understand the rule you can only wear one magic ring per hand. I'll look at the rule again.

Thanks, K!

I don't know of any feats, but there is an item.

Meridian Belt

Interesting. I'll mention that to her. Thanks!

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Also, Hand of Glory.

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A hand of glory lets you use a ring on the neck slot.

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Yeah, no paizo product has any such feat.

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As has been said above, there is no rule about 1 ring per hand. Here is what's said about rings: "A character can only effectively wear two magic rings. A third magic ring doesn't work if the wearer is already wearing two magic rings." Nothing about which hand those two are on.

Now if for some reason you add that houserule, then use this feat. Now you can wear 4 rings but note that there is still no rule about handedness of rings.

Inscribe Magical Tattoo: "Magic tattoos must be placed on a part of the body normally able to hold a magic item slot, but they do not count against or interfere with magic items worn on those slots." + "Tattoos may be inscribed on the following slots: belt, body, chest, feet, hands, head, neck, shoulder, ring (up to two), or wrist. They cannot be inscribed on armor, eye, headband, or shield slots."

Thanks, everyone! I think the Meridian Belt is the way I'm going to go with this. I've included it in the treasure list of the adventure I plan to run this weekend.

Here you go, you are not crazy!!

Extra Rings

( Eberron Campaign Setting, p. 53)

[Item Creation]

Your familiarity with forging magic rings allows you to make use of more rings than normal.
Forge Ring (PH) , caster level 12th,
You can wear up to four magic rings, two on each hand, and all function normally.
Without this feat, you can only wear and use two magic rings at one time.

Ha! I knew I'd seen it! And since I do use feats from WotC sources on a case by case basis, I'm going to show this to her. Thanks, RDS!

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