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Dear patreons, dear readers, dear amazing Paizo-community!

It's the 5th of the new month and you know what that means - yep, it's once again the monthly update post - this time, due to special circumstances, also here - please indulge me, just this once.

I checked my review folder - it contains a total of no less than 3298 docs. That's the total number of reviews, including revised editions I revisited, that I have written to this date. Since my patreon-thing started, I have increased my output tremendously to make sure all supporters get their money's worth. Without my generous patreons, we'd be looking at probably half that number.


Thank you, dear patreons. This huge number is YOUR triumph, the representation of your support - it is your triumph more than it is mine.

Thank you, amazing Paizo community, for making the games I love, for being amazing to interact with, for being smart, considerate and open-minded.

Now, this brings me to the second, less amazing reason for this post.

As some of you may have noticed, my most generous patreon has left, punching a pretty big hole in my budget. This gentlemen has, from the get-go, made sure that his commitment would be for a limited time only, first decreasing support, then stopping it. I knew about this and we have been in open communication about the process. He also told me that the end of his support was not due to a lapse of quality or output on my part. I salute you, sir, and thank you for the generous help you've provided!

Which brings me to a rather uncomfortable position: You see, my output is this constant and detailed because I treat this whole reviewing like a job. I sit down and WORK, day in and day out. At the very least 6 hours a day, including week-ends for playtests, reading, etc..
Most of the time, it's actually more time I invest per day.

The unfortunate truth is, that with the exit of said generous donor, my patreon has fallen back below the level where the reviewing-part of my life is a zero-sum-game; at this point, I'll be operating on a net-loss each month, which is frankly not something I can do for long without getting a substitute job, which would cut into the time I have available to write reviews and gaming material...you get the idea.

In short: I need support from you fine ladies and gentlemen. If you consider my service to be valuable to the RPG-communities, please show it by at least contemplating supporting the continuation of my reviewing. If a pdf you purchased was improved due to my feedback, that's your chance to say thanks. If you found a hidden gem due to my reviews, it's a way to show your appreciation. If you always thought that I should definitely cover publisher/system XYZ, this is also your chance to vote with your wallet and tell me. I'll gladly listen to you! Finally, if you know someone who may be interested, consider telling them about me, about what I do.

My request would be: If in some capacity you value what I do for the community, please, take a look here at my patreon.

Every little bit helps.

However this turns out, I will never quit reviewing; I derive too much joy from it and I meet too many amazing people while doing it. At the same time, I unfortunately have to...you know, pay for such pesky things like electricity, heating, rent, etc. - and if I can't, I'll need to reevaluate how much time I can devote to reviewing, just in order to survive. That's the sad truth.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, for reading my ramblings, for the great discussions and interactions. Thank you for being my online home-away-from-home-community.

I salute and thank you,

Endzeitgeist out.

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

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Endy provides a mighty valuable service to the community; if you can support his Patreon, please do!

Shadow Lodge

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And, in case you missed it in the text, here is the link to the Patreon.

Endzeitgeist's Patreon

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Jason Nelson wrote:
Endy provides a mighty valuable service to the community; if you can support his Patreon, please do!

I agree. He's done a fantastic job and often I've picked up products I'd never heard about until he reviewed it. It's an invaluable service to the RPG community.

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First of all: A heartfelt thank you toeveryone who upped their pledge/joined!

Secondly: I unlocked 5 new prioritized review slots. First come, first serve.

Thank you for the attention!

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I heartily support Endzeitgeist -- have even though about grabbing up one of those $25 slots, but it might be just outside my monthly budget as a freelancer right now (too, how often would I be saying "Do mine!")

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Thanks, man! I totally appreciate your support - and frankly, I wouldn't consider "having" to review one of your books a bad thing. You do an amazing job! :)

Liberty's Edge

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I'm late to the party unfortunately, but I agree 100% with what everyone else has said.

If you value Endzeitgeist's thorough and unbiased reviews, please support his Patreon at the link above.

What he doe truly is a service to the entire gaming community.

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