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I finally finished Samurai Jack. It was a very good series, even if the end felt a bit rushed.

The ending was a tad rushed...but it still was a good ending.

I'm glad we finally have closure. For us and for Jack.

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Dammit, I already

went through this with Gurren Lagann ;_;

They really needed some more time, a full half hour would have been good

Yeah I needed more for the ending. I mean I guess I can always check out earlier seasons for awesome jack vrs aku fight scenes but I wanted more for the ending. Kind of expecting old aku to come back and try and save young aku. and then ashi and jack work to kill the young one with the big one to disappear after followed by ashi. I guess the big war scene was cool with all of his allies showing up. maybe they should of finished it with a movie instead. Left me feeling a bit unsatisfied even tough I think it was good enough.


Well it's what Genny wanted. I can accept that.

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Shorter than I'd have liked, but a satisfying end nonetheless.

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Link to a silly fan epilogue

MannyGoblin wrote:
Link to a silly fan epilogue

Can't view it at work is it the one with rick?


It's the one with Rick, yes.


Eh. I'd much rather Rick had decided to go back, find a way to get Jack his sword earlier AND open a time portal. THEN get Ashi to come back sort of.

THEN be epic about it.

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The rick one is my official head cannon now.


Dunno about that but I'm okay if Rick did mess things up...slightly?

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