Can someone help me realize a concept i've been trying to make work.

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im trying to build a martial adept time mage character. I've gotten close to the result on my own but i don't like one or two of the stipulations in my concept. The character would have if possible access to spellcaster divine or arcane, or possibly even psionics if it was better suited, and specialize in the Riven Hourglass discipline from the Path of War Expanded, but use ranged combat preferably through energy bolts, and the disciplines ranged attacks.

the build that i had running through my head was

Vigilante(Warlock Archetype) 4/Warder (Hawkguard archetype)1/Bladecaster 9

the problem with the above is that warlock's mystic bolts only have a range of 30ft, and that just seems to close for a guy pretending to be a full mage and claiming to have power of time.

any suggestions would be helpful.

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Use Enter the Vortex (Elemental Flux 5) as your stance. It lets you use ranged touch attacks which count as ranged weapons from the thrown weapon group, so you can use strike maneuvers with them. The range increment is 30 feet, but you can throw the blasts further than that, just like a regular ranged weapon.

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