Free April Fools Day Product!

5th Edition (And Beyond)

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To celebrate this silliest day of the year, we at Dire Rugrat Publishing have released (Not So) Advantageous Abilities. While the NPC/monster abilities detailed in the product can be used for comedic value, they are also useful if you want to pit your PCs against a foe that outclasses them without stomping them into paste.

Best of all, (Not So) Advantageous Abilities is pay what you want... which we all know means free, so click the link, take a look, and enjoy using asthmatic, hematophobe vrocks against some level 5 PCs!!

Sovereign Court

Jolly good show!

Sovereign Court

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Also, someone left a terribly written review on this product.


Thanks for the review, Lorathorn! :)

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