[Interest check] Gaming by chat during US work week


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Hello all,

I'm a former heavy duty PFS player who stopped due to life.

I'm now working full time from home and realized I've been missing gaming opportunities by not playing online.

Due to the nature of my job I can use chat room during the work day but can't do anything with audio (so no skype).

I know PBP is available but I'm interested in getting a game together with other people who might be in a similar situation.

Basically I want to see if there are others who would be able to be in a chat room and game from 9-5 Central US time during the week.

I don't expect a fast paced game as people will likely to be working as well but I figure even slow chat based play is faster than PbP.

As for the game itself I'm willing to GM and quite open about what we do.

Also looking for recommendations good sites that have chat and a built in die roller.

Sovereign Court

Looks like Roll20 will probably be the best sit to use. Anyone else interested in such a game?

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I have to suggest fantasy grounds.
Is a paid software but is worth every buck.
It does everything, it has a chat with language filters (so if someone is speaking orchish only people who have that as language would be able to read) it has an awesome map tool, autocompleting character sheets, even automations in fights (confront attack rolls with ac, automatically removes hp on damage, most buffs/debuffs are either already there or easy to customize)

I am in a similar situation - work full time from home with a flexibility to multitask. I can't make any guarantee to posting amounts, but more often than not I could participate a decent amount.

For chat venues, I've found Discord to be a pretty awesome chat utility with dice roller included. No maps, so we'd have to use it in conjunction with Google or Roll20 or something, but I like it as a chat platform because it provides notifications and I can run it as an app instead of in my browser, so I don't have to remember to check the browser tab. I've only used Roll20 as a map tool, and it works well for that, but can't speak to it as a chat utility. Never heard of fantasy grounds before now, so no opinion there.

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I also work at home and I'd be done for some activity during the work day. Like dwilhelmi said, things might kick up in activity that might limit posting some days, but otherwise I'd be able to participate fairly well.

Also, I second the idea of using discord in conjunction of some other program.

Sovereign Court

I've been using Roll20 some for other purposes and it suits gaming well.

I use discord for other things too and the chat functionality is great but less useful for maps.

I completely understand work activity limiting posting. I'm really just after a place to chat with folk and some gaming at a pace that's faster than play by post.

Would anyone else be interested?

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I should add I'd be willing to GM. Even if we only have 3 of us I'm sure we can come up with something to do.

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I would be interested in this Monday-Wednesday's as I work weekends and do not have the chance to game (due to the job, playing online is not an option.) Since I live out in the county, something like Roll20 does not work very well.

We could do discord for chat and google docs for maps

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@VanceMadrox If you already have a discord server up and running, you can send out invite links to people through Private messaging and we can start discussing campaign details.

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I don't have a discord server setup. I use it to chat for other things but I've never set one up.

I'd honestly much prefer Roll 20.

For now though I can setup a roll20 room to use where we can at least hash out what we want to do.

PM me your email address and I'll send invites.

This sounds interesting! I have an unusual work schedule but one that allows me freedom to post from my laptop. I'm definitely up for trying it out. I currently use roll20 in other games.

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The more the merrier right now, PM your email address.

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Got your email and invite sent bycot. I'm in it now and will leave it open all day if you feel like popping in.

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Invite sent somethingwicked

Sovereign Court

Invite sent for you too dwilhelmi

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Sending a PM too. I am definitely interested in something like this!

I have a pretty loose schedule and one that would normally allow me to check throughout the day without much worry.

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Invite sent eoEvaX

Dwilhelmi I see you were able to egt in. Sorry I didnt respond while you were on, work was busy for a bit.

Looks like we definitely have enough interested to make something happen.

I don't know if this is filled up yet, but if you have room for one more, I might be able to swing this! Got me a new job that might permit some leniency with my time and would like to hop in!

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