The Night of Iron Fangs


The adventure begins in the town of Phaendar, nestled
along the southern bank of the Marideth River, a stone’s
throw from the Southern Fangwood Forest. Trade comes
through the town over Phaendar Bridge, the only suitable
place to traverse the swift, rapid-coursed river for 50
miles in either direction. The town of 400 residents
rarely sees any excitement, making the Market Festival
a major source of news, entertainment, and revenue.
The 2-day affair, held once every 3 months, gathers
farmers and herders from across the Nesmian Plains,
as well as woodcutters from the nearby Fangwood and
prospectors from the Hollow Hills, to trade for supplies
and raw materials. Even traders from the “big city” of
Tamran make their way to the event, swelling the town’s
population to half again its normal size.

On the first day of the Market Festival various of you congregate together listening to Aubren the Green, a retired Chernasardo Ranger, and local legend -- either intentionally or because the best parties tend to spring up around the foul-mouthed priestess of cayden Cailean.

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