Who is Andoran's Current (New) Supreme Elect (President)?

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In "Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom," Codwin I of Augustanna was the Supreme Elect in 4715 (2015), having been reelected into office in 4712 (2012). So with the 4716 election year, did someone else get elected into office, or did Codwin I get reelected?

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Always assume the status quo when it comes to the campaign setting. :-)

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He gets replaced by a cheliaxian businessman who talks about making great deals and making Andoran great again while secretly working for Thrune due to his debts to cheliaxian banks.

Or it could have an old milanite man who talks about making education available to everyone along with healing services. Raising the minimum wage and supporting the unionization of the workforce, especially the lumber industry.

Though again it's your campaign so you can decide how you want it to have played out.

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