HELP...Our GM went MIA, anyone out here GM on Roll20 (Irronfang Invasion AP)


OK, been planning this for a log time as I want to actually be a player in this, the Ironfang Invasion AP.

I have 5 players and we had a GM. But he has vanished and the first session was to start THIS frday......

It happens in R20 at times and nothing from anyone on the R20 site itself yet.

So doing a "Hail Mary" thread here to see if anyone could GM this for us over on Roll20.

Characters are all done and ready to go, have the game itself set as in the character sheets are there and dynamic lighting can be used for the potential GM to use as well.

Game time is Fridays (any start date acceptable needless to say) anytime after 8 PM CST as that is when all the players can do a 4 hour session.

So if anyone might be interested please post below or give me a PM here


A sad faced GM who wants to be a player in this epic AP!!


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Can you tell me more about your group? Have you played together in previous adventures? What sort of play style do you guys like?

Can you give me the basics of your character build rules? (this can tell me more about your play style)

What classes are in your party? (my main reason for asking is to see how much modification the adventure might require if you don't have the assumed 4 basic character types)

Thanks for the reply and interest!!

I'll PM you here about all this

Hopefully you will be the one so save us!!


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Interested sent a PM

OK to date

The first GM from Roll20 pulled out as he wanted to run the game every week but with his work schedule thats not doable.

PMed Redelia on the info requested but have not gotten a reply back yet.

Soap I replied and got your PM reply and just sent you the info you wanted, awaiting your reply

Thanks again everyone for the interest!!!

This game might actually happen!!


I did get a reply from the second potential GM and in the end passed on it for various reason, not a problem.

So waiting for a skype contact from the third one and see where that takes us.


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