HELP.......Our GM went MIA, anyone out here who GM's in Roll20?

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OK, been planning this for a log time as I want to actually be a player in this.

I have 5 players and we had a GM. But he has vanished and the first session was to start THIS frday......

It happens in R20 at times and nothing from anyone on the R20 site itself yet.

So doing a "Hail Mary" thread here to see if anyone could GM this for us over on Roll20.

Characters are all done and ready to go, have the game itself set as in the character sheets are there and dynamic lighting can be used for the potential GM to use as well.

Game time is Fridays (any start date acceptable needless to say) anytime after 8 PM CST as that is when all the players can do a 4 hour session.

So if anyone might be interested please post below or give me a PM here


A sad faced GM who wants to be a player in this epic AP!!


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You might have more luck in the recruitment thread.

Thanks, I'll do that as well, forgot about that board.


I would like to help out, as I am a GM on Roll20, but I already got my hands full with multiple games (plus Mass Effect Andromeda is addictive for completionist players like myself).

The new Pathfinder character sheets there are amazing! They cut down significantly on the amount of time I spend on updating and creating new character sheets (my players are really bad at even the most basic programming languages so I do all of the macros. *sigh*)

Although I cannot help run your game, if you know anyone who might be interested but was balking at the assumed notion that it requires a lot of work to run the game on Roll20, that assumption is not accurate. There is a casual learning curve (just time-consuming, not difficult to learn) and setting up macros/token actions are easier than ever. The only thing that is annoyingly hard is getting usable maps (or making them from scratch).

Although to be fair, setting up dynamic lighting is time-consuming as well, but it is an optional feature for those with paid accounts. The free account is all a GM really needs.

Good luck!


I just realized you wrote you are also a GM. Please ignore everything I said above, lol, as you already knew that stuff.


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Yeah move this to recruitment. I have a full plate right now. Would be three months till i could do it and i dont think you want to wait that long.

Thanks gang!!

Yep I have been there on Roll20 almost from the start when it was under 2000 members in fact, now with over 2 million.... Well one would think one could find a GM over there for this, but nothing yet.

Had one comment so far only, "would like to, but Fridays very hard."

Awaiting a PM reply back from him but I suspect I will be still looking.

Roll20 does have its ins and outs just like Fantasy Grounds as well. But when one can't game face to face for various reasons anymore, they both work very well.

The time and day kinda have to be there as most of the PC's can do that, My time is quite limited as well as I

GM on my days off

Friday 6 players in Reign of Winter 4-8 PM every Friday

Saturday 6 Players in Jade Regent 2-6 PM every Saturday

Every other Saturday night 6 players Hardcover Curse of the Crimson Throne

As a player Every other alternating Saturday night 10 PM to 2, Non Mythic Wrath of the Righteous.

So the only spot left is friday night.......

Thanks forthe posts people and again if anyone is interested please post or PM me gang



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