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So usually when I have posted a notice like this it was because it was a person who had an impact in my life. And while the Gong Show certainly was a memorable part of my childhood (I never got into the Newlywed Game or Dating Game due, mainly, to my age when they were broadcast), and I have enjoyed his writing, this posting is a bit different as I knew Chuck. Not well, but I did know him.

The first time I met him was at my brother's wedding. Chuck was my sister-in-laws uncle, and meeting him was an unexpected bonus to the wedding in general. He was an honestly nice guy, pleasant to talk with, and more than willing to have his picture taken with my cousins who were also fans from the Gong Show days.

I met him a couple other times after that, and each time it was a pleasure to talk with him. The most memorable meeting, however, was when I showed up at a book signing he was doing locally for Bad Grass Never Dies and he recognized me (I had only met him at the wedding a year before at that point).

I found out about his death last night, though decided to hold off on posting until the announcement was made. Chuck, you will be missed.

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