Why make this forum harder to find?

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This forum used to be listed here. Why is it not anymore? Can it be added back there please?

I like to go there to quickly access the advice and rules forum. I also used to go there to get to the PFS forum. Its kinda annoying that the PFS forum isn't in the rest of the Pathfinder forum list. It also doesn't really make sense for it not to be.

Liberty's Edge

With the upcoming addition of Starfinder Society, it is apparent that the powers that be wanted to to have Organized Play under one heading.

Well, they made a bad decision. I'm sorry, but it is true. Everything Pathfinder should be under the Pathfinder heading.

Honestly, there is no reason it can't be in both places. It is just a link.

Sovereign Court

It's wonderful fun trying to get all your bookmarks synchronized to the new addresses.</sarcasm>

Took me quite a while to find my way back to the secret VO boards actually.

Sovereign Court

More constructively: yeah, I don't like it. Used to be, I could take the breadcrumb trail under any thread and go back to a root from which I could access both the PF and PFS forums. Now, I have to go to separate Organized Play > Pathfinder and Pathfinder root pages. It's annoying.

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Moved this to Website Feedback.

Folks, let's pump the breaks on the negativity here. There's a lot of moving parts behind the scenes to get a new branch of organized play plugged into our website, and this is actually something that should be hooked back up for folks soon. If anything's been jostled out of place while we wrap up these changes that you think we've missed, just let us know.

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I thought that is what I just did?

And honestly, it isn't that hard to just add a link on the page. I feel like saying there are a lot of moving parts seems like a way of making it sound more complicated than it is. You can take this all as negativity if you want... well, I mean, I am complaining here and acknowledge that. But the more constructive way to take it is constructively. Which is how it was meant.

Grand Lodge

Here's how I get to the forums now. I haven't found a different or better way.

  • Start typing "add" into my browser, hit down enter to go to the Additional Resources page.
  • From there, I click Forums to go to the forums page. At this point I would expect to be able to find the PFS forums. I cannot. Maybe it is there and it's not visible enough, but I'd expect it to be right under the "Pathfinder Society" header at the top.
  • From here I click Pathfinder Society and that takes me to a page where I can
  • finally hit "General Discussion".

    This is WAY too long and not user friendly. If there's a better way please let me know, but I haven't found it yet.

  • Liberty's Edge

    This link will take you to the general pfs discussion forum.

    And at the top you can see the Pathfinder forums and can get to any of them with two clicks.

    That's the best way I've found so far.

    claudekennilol: That is pretty much what I do. Thus the reason for this thread.


    Still holding out hope on this one.

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