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The Ancestors shaman spirit introduced in Cohorts & Companions grants vision as a bonus spell at 16th level. Vision is a 7th-level spell on the shaman spell list. Shaman gain access to 7th-level spells at 13th.

This can either be read as:

1) The shaman gets vision as a bonus 7th-level spell at 16th level, 3 levels after they gain access to 7th-level spells.


2) The shaman gets vision as a bonus 8th-level spell at 16th level, when they gain access to 8th-level spells.

Both of these are, admittedly, weird. They're also clearly an artifact of the ancestors spirit spell list being a direct cut and paste of the oracle mystery of the same name (oracles, notably, do not normally have access to vision.)

What, exactly, is the correct interpretation? Should this spirit grant a different bonus spell at 16th?

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Number 2 would be correct.

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That's the interpretation I originally went with with regards to my table. But why would a shaman expend an 8th-level spell to cast a spell they already have access to at one level lower?

I also found another example in the slums spirit. The spirit grants hold person as a 3rd-level spell but it's a 2nd-level shaman spell.

Are these just supposed to be suboptimal choices?

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It's a bonus slot. So you got it for free above your base, memorized spells.

And yes, they're just suboptimal.

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Hey guys-

I'm looking to make an Ancestors Shaman as well. My question is, is the Cohorts and Companions incorrect? It says the levels that you get spells instead of the spell level like other spirits, so you're getting your first spirit magic spell a bit later. Is there a change to this? Or do I have to play it like that?

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