So I Saw My Doctor Today...

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I went to see my family physician today for a regular checkup. After going over the blood work and its results (which for a guy my size and age amazes him at how textbook perfect they always are) he asks about my depression. I told him it'd been pretty bad as of late. So he then asks if I have any hobbies to distract me. I told him I play Pathfinder, a variant of D&D. He looks at sort of incredulously and asks, "With dice and not a computer version?"

I said, "Yes, lots and lots of dice".

He asked who the DM was, and I said I was. 99% of the time. He kind of laughed and said he hadn't played since before medical school (he and I are the same age). He then told me he bet I was a really good DM. That me feel pretty good the rest of the day.

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You never know where appreciative compliments will come from, or how actions you think are minor can influence others.

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It should make you feel good every day. :-)

Not everyone can do what you you do.

Or at least well. :-)

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Most people who have never GM'd never realize how much effort, passion and time it takes to create a good story. When everything comes good it is so rewarding.
Having someone aknowledge your creativity is great.
And from what I have read of you iin this forum, DM Cal, you are one of the good ones. At least, I like your POW in most topics.
Keep those dice rolling!

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Thanks, everyone. It means a lot to me.

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That's awesome man.

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