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For now this is specific to Alchemist Deck - Damiel's ability, but I would like to expand this question to other relevant cards:

"You may discard a card that has the Alchemical trait ([ ] or any 2 cards) to add your Intelligence skill to your Dexterity combat check ([ ] or your Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution non-combat check)."

My question is, do you add bonuses you have on your sheet to your Intelligence when using this ability?

Is this the same for any ability that reads like that from cards and other characters or is this unique to Damiel? (I read the Longbow added only the Unmodified STR skill).


I'm playing on the 3rd Adventure, Damiel has a +1 on his INT and +1 on his Dex. I encountered a monster and I have a dagger and a potion I can use. I use the ability and reveal the dagger, so my die rolls would be

d12 + (1) + d10 + (1) + d4



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MM Rulebook wrote:


If your character card says “Strength d10,” and the “+1” box
next to that has been checked, your Strength skill is d10+1, and
your Strength die is d10. (The “+1” is called a “modifier.”) If your
character card also says “Melee: Strength +3,” your Melee skill is
d10+4, your Melee die is d10, and the Melee modifier is +4.

So adding a skill adds the skill, which is the die plus any modifier.

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Rohml wrote:
(I read the Longbow added only the Unmodified STR skill).

It adds the unmodified STR DIE - there is no such thing as "unmodified skill". Also, post-RotR (some old ROtR cards -weapons and attack spells mainly- would still say "roll your Str/Melee die...", which requires the qualifier "unmodified" die for Longbows, etc) there is pretty much no such thing as modified/unmodified. The game uses 2 terms:

- your DIE - which is always just a die, nothing else, i.e. the old "unmodified"

- your SKILL - which is always your die + any flat bonuses (Melee: Strength +3) + any skill feats you have put into that skill (this is what old cards implied is your "modified" die)

Also, by far the most important rule about "adding a skill to your check" (as opposed to "determine your skill for the check") is that the *added* skill is NOT added as a Trait to the check. So, your Damiel's check will NOT become Intelligence checks just because he used his power, and will therefore not be affected by cards that affect Intelligence checks.

And, yes, your math at the end is correct.

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