Came here to say this.

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Am I Evil? Yes I am.

Better version.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Better version.

You and me Thomas would get along really well.

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I thought we already did Vid... :)

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{pokes head out from under heat rock, sneaks out, acts like she hasn't missed a couple thousand posts}

Neighbors (young college-age renters) were making ruckus last night, which gave me a headache, which means I went to bed without starting no-knead pizza dough. Got it made 7:30 this morning though (using my usual recipe instead). While that started rising, cooked up some fresh pizza sauce and now have it cooling. Still need to grate up some parm and the mozzarella, but gonna sit and rest a bit. Yay, pizza tonight!

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Regular cheese Pizza, or will you add toppings?

Looks like just sliced pepperoni. I'm out of red bell pepper and Italian sausage, and the parents don't like olives on their pizza (I'm prepping here, then will bake it at their house).

Edit: I like cheese pizzas too, but I like them with more than just parm & moz. Like some good smoked aged gouda or manchego, maybe a little ricotta mixed with fresh pesto. My most difficult part of having good cheese for pizza is not snacking on/eating it all before it ever gets near the pizza.

Edit 2: What do you like on a pizza, John?

Anything but seafood. Far too salty for my taste, especially Anchovies. I usually order Supreme Pizza if available.

Barbeque sauce, roasted chicken, bacon, and pineapple.

I've been wanting to try olives and pineapple on a pizza ever since Deadpool ("Sweet and salty!"), but I never get around to it.

I like seafood, but I like my pizza crust a little charred and the cheese browned in spots, and seafood tends to go from underdone -> overdone with only a very brief stop at just right. Never tried it on a pizza though.

So tonight we had Chinese from one of our local places. Admittedly Great Wall is long standing Morgantown tradition. It's been here since the 70s even though it did move across the street. Today was the first time I regretted getting Dragon and Phoenix, because said dragon chicken/General Tso's, was VERY overdone. The batter, not the chicken. Hell there was BARELY any chicken in it!

Anyways Mom wanted that because it's the only place that serves green jade chicken in town. So...yeah.

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Waiting on the final rise of cinnamon raisin bread which will serve for toast for a few days, then end up soaking egg into its dry little crumbs for some glorious French toast.

Planning to use a little Vanilla in the French Toast?

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Nah, I use bourbon or dark rum for flavoring. A bit of Cointreau if I'm serving Mimosas.

This time I soaked the raisins in dark rum before I added them, so I don't think I'll add anything else.

Sounds delicious.

My eyes are getting tired. Guess it's time for bed. Good night, everyone.

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