Which Pawns for Giant / Elemental based game?


Hi all,

I like the Paizo pawns and use them in my games - all 5e so not Paizo adventures at this stage. I am currently running a mini-campaign that is giant and elemental heavy (fire, frost and earth/hill giant/elementals). Can someone suggest which box of pawns are best to buy to get the maximum number of these monster types?

Thanks :)

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For earth elementals (and a few other things) I have some Bismuth Crystals that I bought at gencon for $5 each.

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Check out the Giantslayer AP pawns for all things giant. It has a bunch of AP-specific pawns, but even those are usable. Bestiary 1 has elementals and more giants as well.

Thanks gents!

The Summon Monster pack has a good selection of elementals as well. It is the only place you will find the huge elementals.

My only complaint with these is that you can't order specific ones, for example, if I want 3 fire giants I would need to get 3 boxes. Having said that, will take a look at the PDF versions as well. Maybe more economical for expanding.

Thanks Brother Fen

Shattered Star or Giantslayer should have plenty of Fire Giants. Shattered Star even have a female Fire Giant. :-)

If all you want are giants and elementals I'd get the summon monster one and either Shattered Star or Giantslayer (I personally can't attest to Giantslayer but Shattered Star is an awesome set! One of my favorite pawn sets. :-)

Thanks captain.

The Monster Codex Box has a slew of fire and ice giants.

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