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I'm putting together a 10th level Halfling Mouser for a game this weekend; among other things he will be taking Stylish Riposte and have a Fortuitous Rapier. Is there any reason why I would not want to use a Buckler with this character?

To that point, does a buckler essentially function as a light shield (with the stated exceptions) when it comes to AC benefits and enhancements?

Basically, would a +2 Buckler provide the same AC benefits as a +2 light shield while not affecting any of my feats or swashbuckler abilities? I have no intentions of using anything in my off-hand.

yes. Buckler doesn't use a hand, but grants 1 shield AC, and can be enhanced like a normal shield. SO a +2 buckler would add 3 shield AC. Yes, a swashbuckler has no reason not to, and is expected to, be wearing a buckler.

Yes, there are few reasons to avoid getting a buckler. It is a major source of AC, allowing you to get a higher AC at a lower price (a +2 buckler and +2 armor cost less than a +3 armor due to scaling prices)

Take the Buckler.

Do you know what else I should in the group?
If you have a friendly caster with access to touch spells get a +1 spellstoring buckler. Frigid Touch is a nice counter to being hit. As is Vampiric touch. Have them cast it the night before and profit.

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