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So I am going to be creating some new characters and doing some home roleplays with my fiance. I am looking for interesting ideas and to see what class/concepts people most enjoyed playing.

Currently I have only played three characters but my newest is quickly beginning to be my favorite. He is a Kitsune Nightblade, Path of the Bloodied Chain (yes it's 3rd party). Basically his goal is to assassinate his ancestor (my first character who was a badass ninja consumed by a demonic blade).

My goal with him as a character is to become a vigilante that personifies fear incarnate. He is very wicked in his ploys to punish those who cause suffering to others. He has abilities that are shadow-based which allow him to alter the level of darkness, trap people in an area of altered darkness, and scare the living s$#* out of them while wielding a scythe and casting shadow magic for dmg.

Basically as a child his family was outcast due to their infamous ancestor bringing them disgrace in the community. Him and his sister were constantly bullied and roughed up by the other kids. One day they were chased deep into the forest to an area that is forbidden. He had distracted the attention from his sister to save her and after being caught the other kids went to far this time, beating him to the brink of death. From that state he is contacted by a demon offering to grant him powers simply for bringing others suffering.

The children began freaking out and gathered in a circle talking about how they had gone too far this time and didn't know what to do with this body. As this was happening Hisoka (my character) began to raise back up overcome with a maddness and newfound power. Shadow-like chains formed from the ground as the area grew darker. The chains shot out at the other children, dragging them, constricting, and sufficating them to a slow death.

Upon waking from this maddness, Hisoka realized what he'd done and that this place was no longer home for him. He ran as far as he could, finding himself in a rundown suburb and began to learn more about life and the suffering of others. From here he decided that it would be his life's mission to bring justice to those who cause suffering as well as his ambition to assassinate his grandfather.

(The demon he spoke with happened to be his grandmother's father as his grandmother is tiefling)

But yeah he has been a complete badass to play ^_^

I recently had fun with an aasimar paladin that died to save someone else (how many pc paladins can claim that? I dunno. I felt like the character did his job though).

Currently having fun with a catfolk bard that is maxing out all the knowledge skills and using the favoured racial class ability to increase bardic knowledge. That said, I am only level 2. ;)

I have real fun creating a Face Desna Fighter, with Divine Fighting Technique / Startoss Line, max in Charisma, and boost intelligence for Diplomacy, Intimidation / Sense Motive, additionnal traits for class skill, it was really fun and still efficient in melee with AWT, she was a gipsy with her cart and warhorses, on the road for kicking Bandits ass (it was a Kingmaker campaign)...

I'm fond of a particular Paladin build that goes 2 handed sword and uses the Fey Foundling, Greater Mercy, and Bracer of the Merciful Knight combo.

It can self heal as a swift action, has great saves, high HP, does decent damage once you grab power attack.

It has great saves with a high charisma and Divine Grace and can bring the pain with Smite Evil.

For a solo game it's great as it can do a lot, survive nearly anything, and without companions has hellish durability.

I loved playing baphomet, he was pretty fun - killed a single PC twice and sent another into a maze of madness and suffering! Nice Epic APL+4.5 encounter

Kraaj, half-orc inquisitor of Desna.

Fluff: He was born a slave, and likely would have died one (either working or in the gladiatorial pits) if not for a band of adventurers coming through and destroying the evil court holding power over the city. One of those adventurers was a cleric of Desna, who was able to take some time during the cleanup to offer lessons about their worship. Freedom, travel, adventure; these ideas struck a chord with Kraaj and he knew he wanted a taste. To make sure he could never forget the lessons, he had them tattooed on his torso.

Crunch: vanilla inquisitor. sacred tattoo alt racial ability. fate's favored + birthmark traits. Travel (exploration) subdomain. half-orc favored class bonus for boosting intimidate and knowledge results. half ranks in the monster identifying knowledges and intimidate (the favored class bonus keeps them at the same modifier as having full ranks), full skill ranks in perception, single points in various other skills. early feats are quick draw and power attack, after that whatever you want. Main equipment is a quickdraw light shield and the one-handed weapon of your choice.

I'm currently rocking a Chaokinetic Knight that I'm loving.

Before that My Zealot Vigilante of Milani in Hell's Rebels is also a lot of fun. Flipping between his champion of freedom and brave knight like vigilante, and noble playboy is fun. Also we stumbled into a forced marriage subplot with him that is proving a fun side story.

Gnome. Oracle (Heavens). Dual-Cursed (Clouded Vision, Tongues).
Couldn't see past 60', but he could see every star in the sky and never be lost. Profession(Astronomy) checks made my competitors cry inside at the absurdity. Traded away with Alternate Racial Features all the dumb stuff in lieu of Fey Thoughts & Master Tinker so he had some versatility and the ability to wield anything he "crafted". Heal/Curse on demand. Had a coterie of infinite Spiritual Weapons until the DM went to Paizo direct for an errata clarification on the RAW/RAI of Magical Lineage/Wayang Spellhunter/Merciful Spell combo.

Aasimar (Small -RPed as Gnome parentage cuz Blood of Angels). Druid (Menhir Savant). Tyrannosaurus AC (Celestial Template from Aasimar Feat Celestial Servant). Never stocked rations, but turned every edible enemy into food with the justification that he's never seen a Poop-Zombie come back to haunt his group. Liked to convert enemies into trophies. Hide Armor made of skin (he loved people with tattoos), kilt & cloak made of stitched scalps (also loved people with long/braided/dyed hair), collected teeth as primitive currency. A juxtaposition with treatment of the T-Rex as more of a child than pet. Dressed her up in "civilized" clothes, and because her widdle arms weren't much good in combat, taxidermied really distinct BBEGs heads as puppets for her to play with. Protagonist, Antagonist, Narrator format performances. Used this character to prod at Players' social limits, especially with a Neutral Evil Aasimar as a real sticking point.

Gnome (seeing a pattern here?). Mesmerist. Went Dex-Damage route to maximize AC/DPR using Slashing Grace & an Aldori Dueling Sword custom-sized. Enforced choo-choo ride by constantly implanting tricks onto party members. Pretty much the Oracle's personality refined, and no obligation to cast buffs on the party with the implanted tricks replacing them, before combat, no less.

Goblin (Spelleater Tribe munchkin goodness). Gunslinger (Musket Master). Used a Regular-Sized Musket. Enjoyed hanging back and potting away adversaries, and never bothered with Precise Shot, so watch out allies. RPed with the same accent as Druid: Slingblade drawl.

Drow, Noble. Magus (Black Blade/Kensai). Between the Arcane Mark Spellstrike & Estoc (settled on Rapier *sigh* eventually cuz errata) abuse and just the fact that the DM loosely worded allowed races, this character broke the campaign from inception. Kind of sad about it really. Getting what you want but losing the cohesion of the group, not worth it, but he was fun to pilot, especially with the gratuitous Franglais Poirot accent I hammed up. Black Blade's persona was Pepe le Pew egging the Drow Noble to inappropriate ways of interacting with surface ladies.

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