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Will we be able to play like the Fast and Furious? I like what little I've heard about starship rules, but I'm more interested in land and sea vehicle combat. Cars,tanks, bikes(Lord of The Rings wouldn't been as long!),boats and, subs!

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I had used chase rules in some example. I would guess some basic ground vehicle chase rules would be in the core, but nothing has been mentioned so far.

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I hope they vehicle rules because if not I will just adapt the one from ultimate combat.

I liked the acceleration/deceleration rules in Dragonstar. Your speed affected control,acceleration,and Ac.No double move by a character to go twice as fast.
I hope Paizo will go a similar route.

It can be fun to simulate inertia and maneuverability as in Star Wars Armada but then there is the opposite end of the spectrum where you have Traveller ranges of tens of thousands of KMs and individual ship movements dont change much when you are fighting with light speed weapons, just basic -/+ to accuracy. i am not sure which i would rather have for Starfinder... maybe some composite system where you can play at stand off ranges using anti-ship torpedoes and long range lasers or get up close and knife fight with more esoteric and deadly things like fusion ejectors and gravity mines? though it sounds like ships have facing and firing arcs so i dont think we will see too many extremely distant engagements...

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