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Hello everybody and thank you for your time.

Is it possible for a PC having his familiar handed down from a relative? Like, my grandfather passed his owl familiar on to me?

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As long as it's just a story, and doesn't give any mechanical benefits, why not?

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It sounds like an excellent reason for the familiar to have the sage archetype.

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It will work exactly the same as though it wasn't, but there isn't any reason why from an RP perspective you can't say this.

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I've used this character idea before. An arcane bloodrager who took the bloodline familiar option. Her mother was a wizard, so she was the source of the bloodline and the familiar. It might would have been more meaningful with a witch mother though.

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To reiterate and expand Wheldrake's comment. Yes absolutely. But if you're a 1st level wizard receiving a familiar from a 20th level wizard then your familiar will only retain the powers and abilities of a 1st level wizard's familiar.

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And you can even reason away the power difference in that the familiar may be passed down, but the bond is still "new", so the familiar can't access the powers it had when its master was a more powerful spellcaster

Thank you to you all, your answers are all greatly appreciated.

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