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Hi, I placed a large order with Frog God a few weeks ago. Frog God made a mistake with the order and I'm trying to contact them to get it fixed. I sent 2 messages through their website, replied to their shipping notification email, and I emailed Bill Webb directly at I haven't received any sort of answer yet.

Is there some other way of contacting them to resolve the issue?

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Those are about the only channels available. I've never had a problem contacting them, so hopefully you'll hear back soon.

Go through the Facebook page.

Unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account.

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Celanian wrote:
Unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account.

This isn't hard to remedy.

Please email and he will get right on it. I already let him know. (He monitors the FB page too.)

Thanks, message sent!

In the future, should I ignore the website messaging system if I need to make contact with FGG and directly email Zach?

Frog God Games AttnKrista.

We will fix ypu right up.


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