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Got some Minis I'd like to get rid of.

Promo/alt paint: $4 each (80% of's price and I don't charge ridiculous amounts for shipping lol)
1x Reta's Bridesmaid
2x Konkrud
1x Goblin Raider
4x Duergar (Solider) Soldier
2x Festering Spirit
3x Fire Beetle
5x Kobold Devilspeaker
2x Bugbear Lurker
2x Guard
2x Slaver Demon
1x Red Dracolisk

Iconic Heroes Set 1: $15 (Minis only)
1. Valeros, fighter
2. Seelah, paladin
3. Seoni, sorcerer
4. Sajan, monk
5. Lini, druid
6. Droogami, animal companion

Iconic Heroes Set 2: $15 (Minis only)
1. Amiri, barbarian
2. Kyra, cleric
3. Ezren, wizard
4. Merisiel, rogue
5. Harsk, ranger
6. Biter, animal companion

Iconic Heroes Set 3: $15 (Minis only)
1. Alain, cavalier
2. Alahazra, oracle
3. Imrijka, inquisitor
4. Damiel, alchemist
5. Balazar, summoner
6. Padrig, eidolon

Grand Lodge

Forgot to include buying in bulk will drop prices, and I'd like a minimum purchase of $10 (plus shipping) if I'm shipping them to you.

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