Self-Buff Cheese, need ideas


So I was thinking more about the whole "attacking yourself multiple times with a spell-storing weapon to get yourself a lot of buffs quickly" cheese.

A +1 Spell Storing Bone Quickdraw Shield can be drawn and put away as a free action with Quick Draw, and does only a single point of damage to yourself each time you smack your chest with it.

So, a Magus with +11 BAB on his first turn will buff his weapon as a swift action, cast Haste with Spell combat, and quickdraw/buff himself four times with four shields (afterwards, drawing his scimitar). All on his first turn.

Question is, what would be four 3rd level (or less) "Single-Target" spells on the Magus spell list that's worth doing? I assume you can't put "self-only" spells into it.

Granted, a GM would get sick just hearing about this cheese, but just in case ;)

EDIT: If the spell was super worth it, I could always use an arcana (or feat to get the arcana) to pick up wizard/sorcerer spells. So those are options, too.

So, as I'm looking, some have already popped out.

2nd Lv: Maybe Ablative Barrier. 50 points of hp buffer. Turns that damage into nonlethal, which is easier to heal, etc.

2nd Lv: Alter Self (Charau-Ka. This gives me small size and +2 DEX (so for my build, +2 attack, +1 damage, +2 AC), Darkvision 60 ft., scent, and lowlight vision.

3rd lv: Displacement.

1st Lv: Vanish. Good way to start a battle, I suppose.

This is just from the magus spell list. And I'm thinking Displacement should be the last spell cast, as the following attacks may miss? (how does that affect friendly touch attacks, I wonder. Especially ones cast on yourself...)

But I haven't looked into Wizard/Sorcerer spells yet.

And I could always use my swift action to Haste myself through an arcana, and cast another spell instead (Mirror Image, perhaps). I ain't no bard, the rest of the party can't share my buffs :D Then, on the next turn, use my swift to buff my weapon.

Remember to attack non-lethally and twf while your at it. Also pick a familiar with hands. It does share your BAB and haste after all

Wouldn't it be worth looking at all spell lists. Leadership and party members can put spells into your shields

Correct me on anything that can't be spell stored. Didn't look it up

Cleric: Lesser Restoration, Cure Serious, Protection from Alignment, Resist Energy

spell storing weapon wrote:
A spell storing weapon allows a spellcaster to store a single targeted spell of up to 3rd level in the weapon. (The spell must have a casting time of 1 standard action.)

Personal range spells aren't targeted spells. You need spells which target one creature/level, or creature touched or something. Vanish works as does ablative barrier & displacement but alter self or mirror image won't.

Cat's grace, bull's strength & bear's endurance could work. Fly and haste are also options.

Hm, I missed that Alter Self was personal.

This is a magus, so he could full attack himself with one arm, and cast a personal spell with the other.

And he would have an Arbiter familiar, but the familiar wouldn't have Quick Draw. Maybe, while he's holding his little wands, ready to UMD, he could have two spell storing gauntlets that he punches me with, heh. Maybe with some healing spells, should I need them. But first round of combat, maybe have that guy UMD some area buff or something, I dunno.

And stupid shit like this is why I limit players to 3 free actions each round

It is stupid, it's cheese. I would say another fix might be better, though. I mean, shuricannons or dagger tossers usually need more than 3 free actions in their every day routine.

Cause even then, I could start with a shield in hand, hit myself, put up, grab a fresh one, hit self, put up, punch self with gauntlet on the same arm. 3 Free actions, 3 Buffs. 4, with Spell Combat. 5 (Self haste) with my swift, using an arcana. Next turn, draw weapon as a free action, etc.

It would be an easier fix to say Spell Storing only works with offensive spells. I'm not sure it was ever intended to work to buff, as it really hurts action economy. As we can see here. However, Gish's are gimped in PF, because they usually need to buff to be worth anything, and by the time they're done buffing (and burning through some resources), the battle is over.

So really, it's not game breaking, I would think. It's silly, and if a GM even allowed this cheese, I would hope they would let me reflavor the shields somehow, so it's not so silly.

james knowles wrote:
And stupid s*#$ like this is why I limit players to 3 free actions each round

What do high level throwing builds do in your game?

Ablative barrier already lasts hours per level, so you're better off just casting it in advance. Alter self doesn't work, but reduce person gets you much of the same benefit. Displacement is a great choice, and makes vanish a bit redundant. I'd also suggest fly and nauseating trail. Finally, if your GM lets you voluntarily lower your CMD, hydraulic push could help move you into position.

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