Need Advice for A Martial Master / Mucation warrior Build


Hello, I am New To pathfinder. I've played other D20 Dice Games in the past but I'd Like Advice on My Build.

Its A Level 1-20 Build That I'd Like to have it Mapped out

My race is Human (I Took a +2 To STR)

I will start at level 7 and this game will go to level 20

Level(1) Exotic weapon prof- Fauchard
Race: Dodge
Bonus Feat for taking flaw: Mobility
Bonus Feat for taking flaw: combat Expertise
Fighter(1st level) power Attack

fighter(2nd level): combat Stamina

Level(3) Extra martial Flexibility

Fighter(4) Spring attack

Level(5) Whirlwind Attack

Fighter(6) Combat Ref

level (7) Cut from the air/Spontaneous Healing

Fighter(8) Martial Training I - Take Piercing Strike & Bronze Lancer’s Edge

Lv(9) Smash from the air

Fighter(10) Spell-cut

Lv(11) Martial Training II - Take Iron Pikeman’s Attitude + Armor-Piercing Thrust+ Thunderous Fall

Fighter(12) Martial Training III - Take Twin Thunder Stance+Piercing Thunder Hammer

Lv(13) Martial Training IV - Iron Lancet Charge Repositioning Leap

Fighter(14) Martial Training V Stance of the Thunderbrand + Meteor Spiral Thrust + Twisting Parry

Lv(15) Martial Training VI Lightning Rush + Impaling Comet Strike + Diving Thunderbolt Stance

Fighter(16) Advance study Deadly Thunder Lancer’s Stance

as for the last four levels I am unsure of what feats do pick out. I am also unsure if I should keep all those martial Training Feats

I love the idea behind Choosing the rights feats for the Appropriate timing and using my stamina to alter those feats so they work just right.

can I get some advice on the right feats to pick out for this type of build?

You've mentioned a few feats you don't qualify for.

Level(3) Extra martial Flexibility

You don't qualify for this feat yet, since you only gain the Martial Flexibility class feature at the 5th level. Since you're starting at level 7 this isn't a big issue, just swap it with Combat Reflexes.


level (7) Cut from the air

Lv(9) Smash from the air
Fighter(10) Spell-cut

The Martial Master fighter does not gain Weapon Training, and cannot qualify for these feats. You'll need to get rid of the archetype to select them.

what should I replace those three with?
I Figure I should either Pick up some Martial Training feats or the start of some feats chains

Grand Lodge

I'm going to offer you a few suggestions having played a character like this in the past.

1) Take the eldritch guardian archetype. Having a mauler familiar will increase your effectiveness, help with skill checks, and round out your character nicely.

1.5) Get outflank and paired opportunist if you get a mauler familiar

2) Make power attack, combat reflexes and combat expertise your top feats as they are the most common prereqs.

3) I would not take:

Exotic weapon prof- Fauchard - replace with a cracked Opalescent White Pyramid
Extra martial Flexibility I have never need more
Whirlwind Attack not that valuable

4) Consider replacing (or dropping):

Spring attack. It could be replaced with combat patrol if you like

The spring attack is nice because enemies have to come up to you and you get an aoo, but you are giving up a full attack which is not a great trade. Now you can force aoos and stay in melee with an enemy.

If you want to take exotic weapon proficiency as a human always take it as your human bonus feat not as your standard feat and grab it via human military tradition, you will get another exotic proficiency...

I'm not saying thatexotic weapon proficiency is actually a good feat, but as a human its a better way to get it because it will net you another exotic proficiency for free...

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